3 Ways To Fix Packet Loss In Overwatch

overwatch packet loss
overwatch packet loss

Packet loss is a huge problem in any online multiplayer game, especially in a fast-paced and action-packed game like Overwatch. Packet loss results in a significant drop in the quality of experience for a user and can increase your ping to the point where your game is unplayable.

If you do not know what packet loss is, it can simply be defined as the sudden failure of a packet of data to reach its desired destination in time which results in your latency spiking. In a game like Overwatch, a sudden rise in ping can prove to be deadly as there are always enemies on the screen for you to fight. The game’s fast-paced and tactical gameplay means that you will always need a stable connection to properly play the game.

In massively multiplayer games (MMO’s) like Overwatch, there are can be many things that take a huge toll on your internet. The beautiful graphics and fast-paced gameplay aside there are over 40 million registered accounts for Overwatch which results in constant sharing of data between players to other players and the game itself which requires a great connection to properly work. There can be many reasons as to why you are experiencing packet loss. Given below are some of the main reasons why you are facing the problem along with ways to fix it.

Wireless Connection

Packet loss is quite common in online games if you are using a wireless connection. A wireless connection provides you with a worse connection as compared to a physical connection via an Ethernet or LAN cable. To fix this issue, connect your platform to the router directly using a LAN cable. This should provide you with better connection rates as well as significantly reducing packet loss. However, if you are already using a physical connection, skip ahead to the other fixes down below:

Ways To Fix Packet Loss In Overwatch

1. Outdated Modem

It could be that your modem is old and incapable of providing the required connection rates or is just faulty in general. The only way to fix this issue would be to upgrade to a better modem and see if doing so gets rid of your issue. But before doing this, try some of the other fixes listed below.

2. Firewall Issue

It could be that your connection is not the thing at fault here. This issue can also be caused by firewall issues. There isn’t any specific issue with your firewall that could be causing the problem. The simplest way to get rid of the problem is by installing Windows Firewall Troubleshooter. After installing the program, simply run a troubleshoot test and the program will tell you about any faults with your firewall along with how to fix the issue.

3. Network Traffic

Overwatch already takes a huge toll on your internet and multiple other people using the same connection as yours is most likely the reason why you are experiencing the issue. If anyone in your house is playing online games or watching a stream or any other form of videos online, your online experience will pay the price. Try to reduce any network traffic by stopping others from using the internet or you could also try getting your own personal connection which will allow you to play the game much more smoothly.

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