Lost Connection to Game Server In Overwatch (4 Ways To Fix)

overwatch lost connection to game server
overwatch lost connection to game server

Overwatch is a multiplayer-only shooter. This ultimately means that the game is unplayable without a good internet connection. Lag, disconnections, and more are common issues in Overwatch and can be caused due to a number of things. One of the main network related issues in Overwatch is the ‘’Lost Connection to Game Server’’ error.

It doesn’t let players start playing Overwatch which is obviously quite problematic. The worst thing about this error is that it can occur even when you’re in a match. The issue is quite common and has cost many players their precious SR.

Lost Connection to Game Server In Overwatch

Why Does This Error Occur?

This error is mainly caused by problems with your internet, however, there can be other reasons as well. More of these reasons are mentioned below in more detail along with the different ways you can fix the error.

  1. Net Looking Glass

Use the Looking Glass feature provided by Blizzard’s Battle.net before looking further into the issue. Looking Glass is a tool used for network diagnostics provided by Battle.net. It can be used by players to test their server connections.

Use your browser to search for ‘’Looking Glass Battle.net’’ in order to access the tool. You can also directly go to ‘’looking-glass.battle.net’’ as well. Select your region and service once you do so. Select all the options given in the ‘select the tests’’ menu. Click the ‘’run test’’ option once you have selected all the options. Once you get your results, post them on the official Overwatch forum or search them up using Google. You should be able to get the remaining solution to the problem from there.

  1. Reset your Router/Modem

Restarting your network should be enough to get faster speeds from your router or modem. You can fix the annoying error just by unplugging your router/modem for a minute or more. Once you’ve unplugged your router/modem for 60 minutes, plug it back in. Try to launch Overwatch again once the indicator lights are finally back to their normal state. The error shouldn’t occur.

  1. Change your DNS

Your device could be struggling to connect to the Overwatch servers because your DNS is down. This is a common reason behind the ‘’Lost Connection to Game Server’’ and can be solved quite easily. You just have to go to your network settings and try to change your DNS from there. You can temporarily switch to any server of your choice and switch back to your old DNS whenever you want.

  1. Update your Device’s Network Drivers

Lastly, your device might be unable to connect to the game’s servers due to outdated drivers. You can easily check if whether or not this is the case using the device manager menu. The device manager menu should have an option titled ‘’Network Adapters’’. You should be able to your network drivers after clicking on the option. You can use this option to check for any updates available for your Network Drivers.

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