Overwatch How To Reduce Buffering And Lower Ping On PS4 (6 Ways)

overwatch how to reduce buffering and lower ping on ps4
overwatch how to reduce buffering and lower ping on ps4

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game so problems like lag or buffering are expected. High ping is the biggest problem you can face while playing an online game as it makes that game completely unplayable at times. If you are facing these problems here are some ways you can fix the issue.

Overwatch How To Reduce Buffering And Lower Ping On PS4

If you are experiencing problems regarding your ping being too high, then you should try some of the following fixes:

1. Check Your Server

First of all, check what server you are on as sometimes, when the game updates, it also changes your server automatically without telling you afterward. Select the server most suitable and enjoy your game but if your server is still the same as usual then the problem lies elsewhere.

2. Reset Your Router

By resetting your router, your internet speed should go back to its normal rates, which means your high ping issue should be over most of the time by just simply removing your router wire and inserting it back in again. If your ping does not return to normal this easily you should try out the other fixes given below.

3. Close Bandwidth Hogging Applications

If an application is downloading or updating, it hits your bandwidth and makes your internet speed slower and less suitable for playing online. Check your notifications on the main menu of the PlayStation 4 to check if anything is downloading or updating, if so pause the process and test your network connection. It should be providing you with a suitable speed, but if not, ask anyone living with you if they might be downloading something or streaming videos, as even streaming videos can hit much of your bandwidth and reduce the speed of your network connection.

4. NAT Type

Go to the settings on your PlayStation 4 and go into networks. After this test out your internet connection to check what kind of NAT you are receiving. If it is 1 or 2 then your problem lies elsewhere but if your NAT is type 3 than this is the source of your high ping issues. NAT type 3 restricts connections with many online game servers or significantly weakens them hence why you are getting such high numbers of ping. To change your NAT type, call your network service provider and ask him to change your NAT type for you, this should not take much time and your NAT type should be converted to 2. This should fix your issue, but if your NAT is already typed 1 or 2, try another one of the fixes given below.

5. Avoid Wireless Connection

If you are playing Overwatch or any other online multiplayer game using a wireless internet connection, you might experience low network rates. It is recommended that you play online multiplayer games with the help of a connection made directly with the router using a LAN cable. Attaching a LAN cable will give you higher downloading speeds and should reduce your ping quite significantly.

6. Region

If none of these work and you haven’t played Overwatch before this, the issue could be because of your country is too far from the closest Blizzard servers. If you are in a country like Africa then the closest server to you would be the Europe one, meaning that an unsuitable amount of ping is to be expected. So if you are in fact new to the game but are too far to the nearest servers than all you can do is hope that Blizzard makes a server close enough for you to enjoy the game.

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