Overwatch: Hanzo vs Widowmaker- The Ultimate Sniper

overwatch hanzo vs widowmaker
overwatch hanzo vs widowmaker

Overwatch is a well-known multiplayer game played by millions of players all around the globe. Published by Blizzard Entertainment, the game was made to be the next big Esports title. To some extent, the game actually succeeded in doing so, as it is one of the biggest and most popular Esports titles available today.

There is a total of more than 30 heroes in the game, each of them having a unique weapon and a set of skills. All of these heroes are great in their own way, featuring entirely different gameplay and used according to the situation.


Hanzo is a popular hero in overwatch, wielding a bow and an arrow. His abilities revolve around his weapon, for example, one ability allows him to shoot multiple arrows without having to draw his bow. He is an exceptionally strong hero is played by the right hands.

Like most other heroes, playing as Hanzo requires skill as he is possibly one of the hardest characters to master. His playstyle allows him to play at his best when at medium to longer ranges.


Another famous hero in overwatch is the widowmaker. She is one of the only characters with a sniper rifle equipped as her weapon. Her abilities promote players to further use their sniper. Although her gun can also turn into an automatic rifle on hip fire, the accuracy is very low making it only useful in incredibly short ranges.

Playing widowmaker requires a player to have a great aim. Players with good aim might not have any problems playing as the character.

Hanzo vs Widowmaker in Overwatch

Comparing Hanzo vs widowmaker, players might wonder which one of them is the better hero to play as. Here are a few of the main difference between both the characters:

  1. Combat

Both characters are snipers with a more focus on long-range combats. While Hanzo can be used in closer ranges as well, Widowmaker can only take full advantage of her sniper rifle at longer ranges. One important thing to note is that Hanzo’s bow (projectile) seems to have a drop-off, whereas Widowmaker’s bullets (hit scan) don’t seem to have much drop off even in long-range.

  1. Abilities

Hanzo and widowmaker both have great abilities that can be used in a variety of situations. Hanzo’s abilities are more oriented towards damage and recon, whereas Widowmaker’s ability focuses on getting out of tight spots and providing recon. It can be seen that all of Widowmaker’s abilities including her ultimate improves her sniping ability and does not provide any other benefit compared to Hanzo’s

  1. Movement

Both of these heroes seem to have a somewhat similar emphasis on movement. Hanzo has a passive ability where he can climb walls. One of his ability also grants him a 2nd directional jump, whereas widowmaker has a grappling hook that can be used to easily gain distance, or for getting cool shots at enemies.


While comparing Hanzo vs widowmaker, there are many aspects that make one better than the other. One should try out both of the characters before coming to a conclusion on which one’s better.

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