Overwatch New Events: Double XP

Overwatch Double XP
Overwatch Double XP

Overwatch is a fun and complex online multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2016. The game depends upon team composition and communication which is vital if you want to win in Overwatch. The game has a huge player base, reaching millions with comfort. But the millions that play the game even after 3 years of its release do not stick around without any good reason.

The game offers a technically endless amount of entertainment until you can be finally fully ‘’done’’ with the game. The game features 31 different characters and Blizzard keeps adding more from time to time keeping players busy until they’re done mastering all of them.

Overwatch Double XP

The game also has a cosmetics system that, featuring multiple items such as exclusive skins, sprays, emotes to express yourself and separate voice lines for all characters along with other things. All of these cosmetics make the game a bit more fun and make the players play harder to get these skins. The only way to get these cosmetics is by opening loot boxes and you can only get loot boxes by levelling up by gaining XP or purchasing them from the online store.

Even after this Overwatch gets new events added by Blizzard every other month. These events bring along with them a wide set of cosmetics including skins. Everyone starts to grind for loot boxes following an event and many new players also join the game in the same time. The only other way to get event loot boxes except for buying them is by playing the game as much as you can and levelling up to earn a loot box. Although levelling up is easy at the start it becomes quite a chore right after you reach level 25.

Levelling up is a whole other mechanic of Overwatch although obviously not new. The level up mechanic has no real reward except for a single loot box and an increase in number which oddly enough, makes you feel better about yourself. But considering how much time it takes to level up, Blizzard could come up with better a better way for giving players rewards for levelling up such as getting unique rewards every time you level, such as the free season pass, as is in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

A season pass is a way of rewarding players with already known rewards as they level up or complete difficult objectives. Most companies introduce a season pass as DLC for an additional money but now many developers have started including the season pass mechanic for free, taking a step in the right direction by completely removing micro transactions and loot boxes.

Regardless of our opinions, Blizzard does have a way of making old players grind even harder while also attracting many new players. Blizzard sometimes releases double XP weekends along with events so that loot boxes are much more easy to get for players and giving you a higher chance to get those shiny new skins and other cosmetics that you want.

The name double XP is able to speak for itself. Any XP that you gain from playing matches will be doubled regardless of a win or loss. This means that you can level up much more quickly as compared to usual and get in a lot more loot boxes than you would have expected to.

Blizzard releases double XP weekends completely randomly so it is not known when the next double XP weekend will be released but as of now the last double XP weekend we got was in June 2019 in the final week of Overwatch’s 3rd-anniversary event which came along with a free-to-play weekend attracting many new players for Overwatch.

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