Overwatch: Is Doomfist Overpowered?

overwatch doomfist overpowered
overwatch doomfist overpowered

Overwatch’s wide variety of characters is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The game has 31 heroes scattered across 3 different classes (Tank, Damage, and Healer) and each role must be played well to achieve victory. What’s impressive about this is how unique the game makes each of these characters feel. Every character has different gameplay as compared to every other character while also having a resemblance to one another. Every character is also equipped with unique abilities and ultimates which can change the flow of the tide in a match.

But the gameplay isn’t the only thing. Each character also has incredible backstories and little details about them which makes the game twice as much fun. The game provides different backstories for every character while also making their stories so that every character is connected to one another in some way. The game revolves around the organization Overwatch and its main enemy, Talon, which is led by the powerful Doomfist.

Is Doomfist Overpowered in Overwatch?

Doomfist is one of the strongest characters in the lore of Overwatch, with an army at his disposal and his own amazing strength and capabilities, Doomfist is the biggest threat to the world of Overwatch. Real name Akande Ogundimu, more commonly known as Doomfist or ‘The Successor’ in the Overwatch world, Akande was always interested in power. He quickly rose in the world of Martial Arts and was considered as the next big thing in Martial Arts before he lost his arm in an accident which led to his career being finished before he could ever reach his peak.

Akande then replaced his old arm with the Doomfist gauntlet, which he earned from Akinjide Adeyemi who was the previous Doomfist. He eventually proved his strength and rose in ranks. He then killed Adeyemi and replaced him as the leader of Talon. But his strength isn’t just a trait for the lore.

Even in-game Doomfist is one of the strongest characters and can one-hit almost every non-tank character with a single punch from his gauntlet. Doomfist maybe a melee character, meaning he can only attack from up close, but he can quickly make up the distance. Doomfist’s abilities may be damage dealing but they can also be used to quickly get to different points of the map without any major consequence as he has relatively short cool-down times for all of his abilities.

On top of this Doomfist also has shields which he gains every time he lands a hit using one of his abilities which makes up for any lost health or they can provide you armor if you are already at full health. This has led to some negative opinions from players however, as they claim that he is overpowered and needs to be nerfed.

Doomfist was inarguably the strongest character in the game during his initial release but was slowly nerfed as time went on, however, this didn’t have any major effect on him and he is still one of the strongest characters in-game. He is still very powerful and effective to this day and is hated by almost every player that doesn’t main him. However to put it simply, but like every other character, he isn’t perfect.

No matter how effective his abilities may feel, Doomfist is a very difficult character to play as and requires great timing to fully master. On top of this, he is a melee character regardless of his mobility. This makes it much easier for characters like McCree, Widow, or Hanzo to deal with him without being in any real trouble, and regardless of his short cool-down times, he is very vulnerable without his abilities and can be taken out easily when he is without them.

So to put it simply no Doomfist isn’t overpowered no matter how much people complain about him.

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