Overwatch Doomfist Counters: 5 Characters That Can Counter Doomfist

Overwatch Doomfist Counter

According to the Overwatch lore, along with being the leader of Talon, Doomfist is the strongest person on the planet, being a master of martial arts and going through intense training, not to mention the enhancements he has given himself through cybernetics.

Even when playing the game you will find the statement to be true as Doomfist is one of the most dangerous and strongest characters in the game, being able to one hit nearly every character in the game (except for tanks), using his punches.

He has excellent mobility, amazing strength and is unbeatable from a close enough range, making him a very annoying character to play against or very fun to play as.

But he isn’t unstoppable, like every character Doomfist also has characters that can counter him and make him be a little less menacing. So here is a list of every character that can counter Doomfist along with how they can do so.

Doomfist Counters List



Doomfist is a character that heavily relies on being close to the enemy to deal with any damage, as hard as it sounds his mobility allows him to quickly sneak up on any enemy with relative ease. But a sniper-like Widowmaker can make Doomfist worthless in some games. Try to play Widowmaker and make Doomfist your main focus, prevent him from getting close to your allies or his own and snipe him out before he can reach a position from where he can cause any serious problem.

Just try to land your headshots and you should get rid of the enemy Doomfist in no time. But sometimes sniping him out isn’t the only solution. Try to utilize Widowmaker’s venom mine as much as possible by noting the enemy Doomfist’s attack patterns and laying traps accordingly.



Even in lore Hanzo Shimada is a character that Doomfist respects and constantly tries to get recruited for his Talon. Much like Doomfist, every Doomfist player should fear a Hanzo in game as he is the best counter to Doomfist. Along with being easily able to snipe Doomfist from a comfortable distance, Hanzo can also easily deal with Doomfist from up-close.

Hanzo’s dash ability lets him dodge Doomfist if timed correctly and his Storm Arrows are a sure-fire way of eliminating Doomfist before he can do anything fatal. Hanzo’s Recon Arrow also makes Doomfist’s life harder as the enemy will be able to spot him and avoid any unwanted surprises.



Roadhog is another great counter for Doomfist. He can withstand all of Doomfist’s abilities even simultaneously and heal himself quickly right after before eliminating Doomfist while his abilities are on cool down.

Roadhog’s chain is also a big problem for Doomfist as it can stop him during an attack. Even without his chain Roadhog can deal serious damage to Doomfist with the simple use of his strong scrap gun which also does more damage he closer it is to the target.



Ashe is a very good counter for Doomfist, her viper rifle not only allows her to eliminate Doomfist from afar but it can also deal him some serious damage from up-close if you fire rapidly without the assisting sight.

Her abilities also make her perfect to fight Doomfist as her dynamite can be used to deal him damage by noticing his patterns and trapping him. Her coach gun also allows her to gain some much-needed space from Doomfist if he gets too close.



Sombra is very good at countering Doomfist. A simple use of Sombra’s hackability renders Doomfist useless and open to be attacked by Sombra’s submachine gun. Sombra can also avoid Doomfist quite easily once you master your translocating timing but can also be eliminated by Doomfist easily if the chance arises and your abilities are on cool down.

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