Comparing The Difference Between Obsidian vs Diamond In Minecraft

obsidian vs diamond minecraft
obsidian vs diamond minecraft

The best thing about Minecraft is the variety of blocks you can find in-game. Of course, every player is looking to get the rarest materials to craft their armor with.

Most commonly players are just happy with diamond armor and don’t bother looking for obsidian or anything else that is more powerful. It can be quite fun exploring new areas and finding out different materials which will help your progress in the game.

Obsidian vs Diamond In Minecraft

In this article, we will be discussing different features of Obsidian and Diamond and how they can help improve your gameplay.


It has a dark purple shade and is one of the hardest blocks in the world of Minecraft. To mine obsidian, you need a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time mining away with any other pickaxe. Usually, people use diamond pickaxe as in the beginning portion of the game it can be next to impossible to find any netherite.

It takes a long time to mine obsidian even with a diamond pickaxe. You can make obsidian by flowing water into a lava source and then an Obsidian block will be generated that you can mine afterward. It is an extremely important block that plays a huge role in advancing your progress in the game. You have to use Obsidian to access the netherworld and explore new materials.

This block is used to craft different items that provide you with a lot of utility in the game. This includes an enchanting table, Ender chest, and beacon. All of these are crucial to make your character stronger and your gameplay easier. There are also some ways you can use to make a netherworld portal without having to mine obsidian at all.


This is one of the rarest blocks you can find in the world of Minecraft. So, many new players spend hours looking for diamonds in caves to craft their weapons and armor sets. It can take up a lot of your time to find enough diamonds to complete your armor set, which is why players prefer to go for iron armor in the early game content.

You need an iron pickaxe to be able to mine a diamond block. As compared to obsidian diamond is not that hard. But that does not mean it is fragile, in terms of durability diamond armor and weapons are several times stronger than iron or gold armor sets. This is why people like to enchant their diamond armor, the durability stat makes it worth it to invest your experience points into improving your gear.

Overall, both of these blocks are quite useful in your game it can be quite hard as a beginner to get your hands on these blocks. But once you have enough diamonds your overall stats go up by a huge margin when you enchant your armor and weapon. The best thing about diamond armor is that on top of being durable and powerful it also looks elegant on your character.

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