Redstone Lamp vs Glowstone In Minecraft: What’s The Difference?

redstone lamp vs glowstone minecraft
redstone lamp vs glowstone minecraft

Being out in the dark can be quite dangerous in the world of Minecraft. There are different monsters roaming around which can spawn in any dark area around you. This is why it is recommended that players keep their home bases well lit. This ensures that no creepers spawn inside your home and destroy everything.

So, make sure to use plenty of torches or other blocks that produce light around your home. Let us go over different aspects of Redstone Lamp and Glowstone to help you decide which one will work better for you.

Redstone Lamp vs Glowstone In Minecraft

Redstone Lamp

To craft a Redstone lamp, you need 4 pieces of Redstone dust and a Glowstone in between. As far as the general look is concerned Redstone lamp looks classier as compared to the Glowstone. Even though there is no specific difference in the light intensity emitted from both of these blocks, the main difference arises when we talk about their functionality.

As compared to Glowstone you can turn the Redstone Lamp on or off depending upon the situation. However, to do so you require a Redstone signal that will turn off the light for you. This makes it very hard to use these lamps where the walls or ceiling is too thick and you want to hide the Redstone path.

But if you’re well aware of how Redstone works, you shouldn’t have any problems in getting the Redstone Lamp to work. Players often criticize this block because there is no point in using a light source that can turn off. It is only viable where you need to spawn mobs in a dark room so you turn the lights off to enable the spawn timer. So, for mob farms and elegant base designs, the Redstone lamp is the way to go.


It is a block that you can find in the netherworld, you’ll often notice it hanging from the ceiling making an excellent light source. You can mine it easily and it is stackable up to 64 blocks in a single slot of inventory. It is quite easy to mine Glowstone and you can also craft it by using 4 pieces of Glowstone dust. As compared to the Redstone Lamp, Glowstone keeps emitting light indefinitely. It works best in situations where you don’t have to worry about turning the lights off.

It does not require any signal from the Redstone and can work as an independent block. You can put it anywhere and it will light up the surrounding area. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, Glowstone can’t match the clean design of Redstone Lamp. A switchable light also looks more practical and realistic to have in your home.

Overall, both of these blocks work just fine and can help you a lot during building your base. However, Configuring Redstone lamps might take more work and thus is less efficient. So, for players who don’t quite get the usage of Redstone, we recommend that you stick to Glowstone as your primary light source if available.

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