Comparing The Difference Between Gold vs Iron In Minecraft

gold vs iron minecraft
gold vs iron minecraft

There are hundreds of different types of blocks in the world of Minecraft. This is why players don’t lose their interest after so many years of gameplay. Each block of material has different materials and can be used in different ways to provide utility. However, most blocks are used mainly for cosmetic purposes to make your game look more elegant.

Gold vs Iron In Minecraft

In this article, we will be going over different characteristics of gold and iron that you can mine in-game. This will help you decide which one you should choose for your armor to give you better stats.


Gold is a rare ore that you can find from mining caves, treasure chests, and some other sources. You need an iron ax to be able to mine this ore. Afterward, you have to use a furnace to smelt it into gold ingots that you can use to craft different armor pieces and weapons. As compared to iron, gold is hander to find but this does not mean that gold is more useful.

Many new players have this misconception that since gold is rarer it should have better stats, but unfortunately, that is not the case. When compared with some iron weapons gold is just not durable enough. The only good aspect of this material is that it looks more elegant as compared to iron. So, if you were planning on improving the general outlook of your home or character then this ore can be quite useful.

It is just practical enough to keep using gold armor and weapons for your daily grind. Overall gold armor looks better and is easier to enchant. But unfortunately, it does not matter how many enchantments you use if the durability can’t match up.


As compared to gold, iron is easier to find. You can mine it using a stone ax and exponentially increases your farming ability. Having an iron ax enables you to mine gold. After mining the iron ore, you have to follow the same method and smelt it in a furnace using coal or wood. It is a very useful block that is easy to find and can be used for many different items.

Overall, it is more viable to use iron armor and weapons in-game as compared to gold. Simply because of how easy it is to find iron. You’ll have a full set of armor and weapons at the start of the game without grinding too much. This increases your survival chances and you can farm more efficiently. This way you won’t have to spend too much time looking for diamonds.

The iron sword deals the same base damage as the gold sword but has a more critical potential than the gold sword. Furthermore, you’ll break your gold sword way faster than your iron sword. This is the main reason why almost every player uses iron weapons and armor over the gold set. The iron set is just a cheaper and stronger alternative for your character to use. The only drawback is that iron armor just doesn’t look as good as gold armor.

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