3 Ways To Move Overwatch To Another Drive

move overwatch to another drive
move overwatch to another drive

Overwatch is a game known and played by millions all around the world. The game features a first-person camera and provides players with intense 6v6 gameplay. Overwatch only has multiplayer play and you can play with up to 11 friends.

The game doesn’t take up too much space as it is only 30 GB. However, you might need to free some space on a specific drive. You could also need to move the game to another drive if you’ve just purchased a new drive or SSD. When this happens, you’ll likely need to remove Overwatch from one drive and move it to another one. Unfortunately, moving Overwatch to another drive can be time consuming or tricky.

How you can Move Overwatch to Another Drive

Moving Overwatch from one drive to another is a difficult task. You cannot simply cut the game from one driver and paste it on another one. Moving a file as large as Overwatch takes a lot of time and is a hard task to complete. However, it can be made much simpler if you know what you’re doing. Try a few of the steps given below.

  1. Download Overwatch Again

Downloading the game again is the simplest way to move Overwatch to another drive. Just uninstall the game from your device and download it again. Once the game is done installing, choose a new location for the file. Just select any location you want and install the game there.

As mentioned, this is probably the simplest way you can move Overwatch from one drive to another. However, there is one big downside to this method. It takes a lot of time to re-download and install Overwatch, even if you have fast internet. Try the other methods given below if you wish to move Overwatch from one drive to another in a hurry.

  1. Cut and Paste the Installation Folder

While you can’t cut and paste the entire game from one drive to the other, you can try moving the installation folder. Just go to the location where you’ve currently installed Overwatch. From this location, try to find the installation folder and move it to another drive using cut and paste.

Try to open the battle.net application after trying this. The application will naturally assume that you have uninstalled Overwatch from your device. Just press the install button and wait for a few minutes. Overwatch should be moved to the drive where you placed the installation folder.

  1. Use a Software

There are many applications that are made for moving files from one drive to another without any complications. You could try using one of these applications to move Overwatch to another device.


Many people believe that it is quite difficult to move Overwatch to another drive. However, as you can see above, there are a few methods that can make the task much easier. It doesn’t matter why you want to move Overwatch to a different drive or SSD as the above methods should be able to help you no matter what.

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