Minecraft vs Mario: Which One’s Better

minecraft vs mario
minecraft vs mario


Released back in 2011, Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft takes the crown in the gaming industry as the best-selling game of all time. Players can put in tons of hours before getting tired of the game.

Minecraft offers a complete sandbox video game experience. Players can explore their worlds and discover various new stuff. In Minecraft, worlds have infinite terrain. This means the game will keep spawning new things to keep the player busy. Today, Minecraft is almost a decade old. The surprising part is that the game is still as popular among gamers.

Apart from the base game, players can download different mods for the game. There is a whole community of modders in Minecraft. Players starting to get bored of the game can always install mods to spice things up.


Mario series is one of the most popular games out there. Rightfully owned by Nintendo, Mario started as a platformer video game. Mario as a character is possibly the most iconic and popular character in the video game industry. The character has appeared in over 200 video games.

Mario franchise has released different video games. The most popular one is the Super Mario series. It relies heavily on platforming. Besides the Super Mario series, Mario Kart series is another popular series from Nintendo. However, it is a racing game featured in the world of Mario. There are plenty of other Mario games that feature different genres.

The Mario franchise is still going on strong. Nintendo still supports the series. They keep releasing new Mario games from time to time. Super Mario Odyssey 2 was their recent big hit. The game had a major success when it released on Nintendo Switch. It is possibly one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives alongside Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild.

Compare Minecraft vs Mario:

Comparing Minecraft vs Mario, here are a few main points:

  1. Gameplay

In core gameplay, Mario is a pretty basic game. Most of the Mario games include only the jump option. However, the game makes very good use of this single jump button. Mario offers a very challenging experience for their players. Although the gameplay mechanics are pretty simple, players will get a good load of the challenge out of the game.

As mentioned before, Minecraft is a sandbox game. Minecraft relies on the player’s ability to survive for as long as he can. Players can be creative while building their own worlds. They will have to craft items, enchant these items, and build different structures to defend themselves. Unlike Mario, Minecraft has a lot of gameplay elements that come into play.

Both games have great gameplay experiences. It mostly depends on the player on what he likes more.

  1. Popularity

Mario is possibly the most popular video game ever. One big reason for the game’s popularity is that it revived the video game industry. Mario’s release picked up the interest of gamers in console gaming. This lead to the revival of console gaming. Since then, Nintendo has released a lot of popular video games. Today, the Mario Franchise is the best-selling gaming franchise of all time.

In contrast, Minecraft is also one of the most popular video games. Although the game did nothing as big as reviving the video game industry like Mario. But Minecraft did bring in a lot of innovative stuff when it released. As a single game, Minecraft is the best-selling video game even today.

So, comparing the popularity of both these games. Both are somewhat evenly matched. However, Mario is a lot older than Minecraft and has released a lot more video games. Mario might be the winner here.

Platform Releases

Mario is a flagship product of Nintendo. Mario was the reason why Nintendo had such a huge success. Due to this reason, the Mario series is exclusive only to Nintendo. Every Nintendo console and handheld device has had a Mario game released on it. Unfortunately, Mario isn’t available on other platforms.

On the other hand, Minecraft isn’t an exclusive title. As a matter of fact, Minecraft has been released on almost every platform. One recent edition called Minecraft Pocket Edition, allows players to play the game on even Android and iOS. Surprisingly, the game runs pretty well on these devices.

If you don’t own a Nintendo device, you might as well go for Minecraft.

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