LEGO vs Minecraft: Which One’s Better?



LEGO is a popular toy production company in Billund. They have been producing toys for decades. LEGO is possibly the best toy production company out there. The company has also built amusement parks. Since the ’90s many LEGO video games and movies were released for commercial success.

There are around 69 LEGO video games released. Each of them features a different story, with different characters. LEGO also features a lot of popular fictional characters and universes. For instance, LEGO Batman, and LEGO Star Wars leading up to massive success.

The first LEGO game was LEGO Fun to Build which was released in 1995. Soon after LEGO island was released for Microsoft Windows. Players can play as almost every famous fictional character in the LEGO games. LEGO has also made a few original characters. Apart from video games, LEGO movies are also pretty fun to watch.


Minecraft is a well-known video game developed by Mojang Studios. It was first released using Java language in 2009. The official release of the game was in 2011. Since then, Minecraft has enjoyed massive success as millions of players played the game.

Being a sandbox video game, players can go wild with their imagination. Players can build various structures while being creative. There are two modes available in Minecraft: Survival and Creative. In survival mode, the world spawns hostile mobs (entities).

Players will also have to keep an eye on starvation and defending themselves. The creative mode does things differently. The Player has complete freedom building structures and crafting items. He can mess around as much as he wants to. There are no consequences in creative mode. Both modes offer a great experience but players usually opt for the survival mode.

LEGO vs Minecraft

Comparing LEGO vs Minecraft, both of them are pretty good. Here are a few main highlights between these two:

  1. Gameplay

There are plenty of LEGO games out there. Mostly, the gameplay of these games differs to some extent. But the main LEGO video games feature platforming. The gameplay consists of players solving various puzzles, and progressing to platforming. They will have to jump across gaps and fight bad guys. The best part about these LEGO games is that it offers co-op. This means players can play together.

Minecraft features both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players will have to do a lot more than just jumping. In Minecraft, exploration is the key. While exploring, players have to gather resources that are used for different purposes. They will also need to build structures to defend themselves from hostile mobs that spawn mostly during the night.

  1. Playability

LEGO offers plenty of games to its users. They still seem to be making more games. Although almost all of these games are mostly released for commercial success. However, the LEGO games are pretty good. They offer a great gaming experience. Many players seem to be in love with the LEGO game series. LEGO games allow them to play as their favorite characters in the LEGO universe.

In comparison, Minecraft is a single game that had massive success. The game offers plenty of stuff. Players will have to explore their created world having infinite terrain. Due to this fact, Minecraft offers an incredible amount of playability. Players can play the game for hundreds of hours without ever getting tired.

  1. Popularity

LEGO is the most popular toy manufacturing company. This is one of the reasons why LEGO is so popular worldwide. Apart from toy manufacturing, their games bring in a great experience for players. Due to the fact that players can play as iconic fictional characters, LEGO games are pretty famous as well. Some of their most popular games include LEGO City Undercover, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Indiana Jones.

On the other hand, Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there. It is also the top-selling video game of all time. It has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. To top it all off, Minecraft is available on a lot of platforms. You can also play it even on Android and iOS. LEGO as a company might be popular, but in games, Minecraft is definitely more popular.

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