Pro Players vs Noob In Minecraft

minecraft noob vs pro
minecraft noob vs pro

Many people see Minecraft as a children’s game that is relatively easy to play. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Minecraft is actually highly complicated and requires skill as well as a proper understanding in order to play. Every mechanic of the game requires experience in order to master and most beginners struggle while playing the game.

The difference in quality is completely evident when you watch pro and a noob playing side by side. A beginner or a noob will be cautious and will almost certainly struggle to survive for long. Pro players, on the other hand, will be able to overcome nearly every obstacle they face. Here is a detailed comparison between the way a noob and a pro play Minecraft so you can know what to do and what to avoid.

Pro Players vs Noob in Minecraft


Most noobs in Minecraft don’t exactly look out for their hunger bar. They rush from here to there, sprinting and jumping in the process. This results in overexertion and makes your character hungrier.

Food is easy to find in the game however that doesn’t mean that you should waste your resources. This is why most pro players avoid sprinting and jumping and play more patiently unless they have to have to rush. This allows these players to explore for longer periods of time without having to search for food every now and then.


A majority of noobs avoid combat while playing Minecraft. These players underestimate their own abilities and try to stay clear of even the simplest of danger. Even though this can be a good thing at times, players should still try to fight basic mobs as often as possible.

All pro players fight mobs regularly as it is an easy way of earning experience points. These experience points can then be used to gain multiple different benefits. This is why most pro players gather decent weapons and try to fight small hordes as often as possible.


Noobs in Minecraft are always hesitant while exploring. They try not to go too far out of their homes. These players also don’t explore the underground sections of the world. This is very costly as most of the best equipment in the game is underground.

Pro players are almost always exploring and looking for better equipment. They work patiently and familiarize themselves with the surrounding area in order to make exploration easier. Pros also aren’t hesitant to travel underground and into the nether. 

Equipment and Item Usage

As mentioned, noobs don’t tend to explore all that often which means they can’t get the best equipment out there. Most of them are also stingy with their equipment and try to use as little items on their expeditions as possible. This is something that every player should avoid doing.

Pros are never hesitant to use the items in their inventory, no matter how useful and valuable. However, this doesn’t mean that they keep wasting all their best equipment. Pros know exactly when and when not to use these items which is one of the many qualities that separate them from the beginners and noobs.

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