Is It Possible To Regenerate Chunks In Minecraft?

minecraft regenerate chunks
minecraft regenerate chunks

Minecraft is a sandbox survival video game, with the main focus being on exploration. At the start of the game, the player is spawned in a randomly generated world, featuring infinite terrain. When playing the game, you may have come across the term “Chunks”.

Basically, chunks are the game’s way of dividing a world into different segments or pieces. In simple words, chunks are 256-blocks tall 16×16 segments. These chunks make up the world that you are currently spawned in. They are very tall, considering a single chunk makes up 250 blocks.

Can You Regenerate Chunks in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players are free to do all kinds of things. They can farm, grind, build, explore, and fight against mobs. Once a player reaches high levels, he might find easier ways to farming or grinding that will save him time and allow him to be more efficient.

However, plenty of players have been asking about whether they can regenerate chunks on an existing world in Minecraft. This is why today; we will be taking the time to thoroughly answer and explain whether it really is possible or not.

If you are here for the short answer, then yes, you can easily regenerate chunks on an existing world. But if you want to know more about this, and want to learn how you can regenerate chunks in the game, then we suggest you stay with us!

How to Regenerate Chunks in Minecraft?

To be able to regenerate chunks in your world, you will need to make use of a program called MCEdit. Basically, it is a world editor for Minecraft. It lets you edit your world, according to your liking. Using MCEdit, you are allowed to do all kinds of stuff, including being able to regenerate chunks. Unfortunately, MCEdit comes at a price.

Once you have got your hands on MCEdit, the next step is quite simple. Simply start by opening MCEdit on your game. What you will have to do now is to use the selection boxes. Using these selection boxes, you will need to highlight the areas where you want to delete chunks. Once you have highlighted the area, you will now have the option to delete these chunks.

After confirming the deletion of the chunks, you will need to restart the game in order for it to take effect. After you have restarted the game, the chunks will be regenerated.

The Bottom Line

Is it possible to regenerate chunks in Minecraft? Absolutely. In this article, we have explained how you can do so. We have also mentioned the stuff that you will need, along with the required steps to successfully regenerate chunks in your world.

If there’s anything you found out of order, please be sure to leave a comment! We will be more than happy to reply to your queries as soon as we can.

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