How To Get Villagers To Follow You In Minecraft?

how to get villagers to follow you minecraft
how to get villagers to follow you minecraft

Minecraft is a good game filled with many features. Some of the more main mechanics include combat and crafting. However, there are also several other small mechanics that make the game as fun as it is. One of the more amusing features in the game is the one that allows you to get NPCs to follow you.

This feature lets you get some specific non-playable characters to follow you around with the help of a specific item such as an emerald. The characters following you will continue to do so until you make them stop. This allows players to lock these NPCs up in a specific place or build a farm or their own little city. Characters that can follow you include different animals such as sheep, cats, dogs, and more.

How to Get Villagers to Follow You In Minecraft

To put it simply, there is no official way for players to get villagers to follow them in Minecraft. They are not attracted to emeralds or any other material and will not follow you around. You could attempt to place them inside railcars and transport them from here to there however, this method is quite time-consuming.

There is only one unofficial way that players can use in order to make villagers to follow them, which is to use Minecraft mods. Minecraft mods allow players to add new features and mechanics in to the game. These mods also allow players to get villagers to follow them.

You can download a mod to get villagers to follow completely free of cost from the internet. This mods can then be implemented into the game using a Minecraft mod launcher. You’ll be able to get as any villagers to follow you as you want once the mod has been added to your game.

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