Mending Not Working In Minecraft (How To Fix)

minecraft mending not working
minecraft mending not working

Minecraft has an intensive array of weapons and items, varying from different types and tiers to make from different constituent materials. Add to that, the game features Enchantments, special boosts, and status effects, that add extra abilities and buffs to any item they are added to. They can be applied to weapons, armor, and tools and provide a range of helpful status effects that can help the player navigate the harsh and dangerous world of Minecraft. You can add enchantments through enchanting tables or the Anvil if you already have enchantment books on hand which can be found by fishing, looting, or enchanting normal books on the enchanting table. This method can also be used to repair items, combine two or more weapons for a sturdier end result, and even rename personal favorites. Although, any action like these requires experience levels in return and there are still limitations to the kind of enchantments and weapon upgrades you can do at a time.

Mending Not Working In Minecraft

In addition to strengthening items, rare enchantments provide unique durability enhancing and healing properties that ensure the weapon does not degrade over time and maintains its durability. Measures like these are important considering the countless priceless items you spent week-long grinds to obtain or the main weapons that you maxed out as mob killing machines. Such enchantments, like Mending, heal the item you have equipped that needs the heal when players perform tasks that grant them experience. There are, however, certain necessities you need to meet before you start repairing your items on the go and there could be problems you may face while you attempt to enchant your item so it stays durable and in use consistently.

Be sure that if you’ve successfully enchanted Mending on any item, it needs to be equipped in your main hand or off, or one of the slots for armor, and only then will the random mending chances officially occur on any item that has decreased durability. Just placing the item in your inventory doesn’t qualify for the status effect to work.

Performing tasks like mining coal or grinding XP Farms drops experience orbs so make sure to always have your desired item on hand when you make it so the experience registers with the buff and randomly effects any piece of equipment or tool. Know that mining with a pickaxe enchanted with Mending automatically restores durability points as you use it.

Note that Mending is completely incompatible with Infinity, so if you already have one on the item it’s fairly likely your Mending enchant won’t register.

With a certain set of weapons and armor equipped and random healing granted by the enchanting, it could be that your desired item is healing at an extremely slow rate or barely at all. To ensure your priority on a single item, unequip all other items so all the mending XP goes straight to the one you want to fix.

Lastly, if the enchant doesn’t seem to be working, you could report a bug to the developers and inform them of this issue after you’ve taken all steps to ensure the problem does not lie with your enchantment progress, the weapon of choice or XP gain.

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