Minecraft Ice vs Packed Ice- What’s The Difference?

minecraft ice vs packed ice
minecraft ice vs packed ice

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games of all time. In Minecraft, players are allowed to craft, build, as well as explore all the different biomes it has to offer. Throughout the game, the player will come across different materials, resources, as well as items and NPCs.

Minecraft Ice vs Packed Ice

Ice is a solid block that can be used in Minecraft for a variety of different reasons. It is a block that can be destroyed very easily. However, what many players seem to have found confusing is that in Minecraft, they can find two different categories of ice.

As a result, they end up comparing all the aspects of an ordinary ice block vs packed ice. This is why today; we will be doing the very same thing and helping you determine the use of both these blocks. Here is everything you need to know about them:


Regular ice in Minecraft is a simple ice block that can be found in all the different snowy biomes throughout the world. They are most usually found in frozen lakes, oceans, and rivers. Players may also be able to find ice in Icebergs, igloos, and Ice Spikes.

They may be used as a recipe in different things. Breaking ice helps the player get access to water. One important aspect of ice is that it will melt when put under light sources. Ice can also be used in different ways by the player. For instance, a player can pour water near an ice block in order to move faster or dash through. Similarly, he can place an item on the ice block and do the same thing.

Packed Ice

Packed Ice is another similar ice bock. The most notable aspect of packed ice is that, unlike ordinary ice, it won’t melt when put under light sources. This is the only advantage the player will have when using packed ice compared to a simple ice block.

Packed ice can also be found naturally in different biomes in Minecraft. For instance, the player can find these packed ice blocks in some rare Ice Spikes biomes, and other similar places in igloos and snowy peaks. A player may also use 6 simple ice blocks in order to craft a packed ice block.

If you want to use the slippery property of the ice and don’t want it to melt, then packed ice is definitely something that you should be using.

The Bottom Line

Through this article, we have explained in detail what you need to know about Ice vs Packed in Minecraft. We have explained the main difference along with the proper use of both blocks. If you still seem to have any sort of confusion, be sure to leave down a comment in the comment section below!

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