How to Zoom with Optifine in Minecraft?

minecraft how to zoom with optifine
minecraft how to zoom with optifine

Minecraft is now officially the most popular game ever if you’re deciding based on the number of copies sold. The game has made more money than any other game has in history, and it seems like it will stay on top for quite some time.

There’s a good reason why the game has managed to become so popular in the first place. It allows players to go wild with their imagination and creativity, but it also does more than that. One of the many great things about the game is how accessible and customizable it is, meaning that it is also very compatible with mods.

How to Zoom with Optifine in Minecraft?

One of the many mods that players can use for Minecraft is the very popular Optifine mod. This mod is so popular as it only brings very positive changes to the game, such as better visuals and overall performance. The mod also has a few different uses as well, such as allowing players to zoom in on their Minecraft world.

For whatever reason you might want to zoom in on your Minecraft world, Optifine can help you do so. The mod has a hotkey dedicated to helping you zoom in on specific places and you can simply press and hold it in order to zoom in with Optifine.

This hotkey is mainly the left control key on your keyboard, meaning that pressing it is all you have to do to zoom. There’s also a lot of cases where the hotkey is automatically ‘’C’’, so you should try pressing and holding that instead of the left control key doesn’t work.

There’s also been a few cases where the hotkey is neither of these and is another random key instead. It is recommended that you simply go to the options menu and check your assigned hotkeys in order to finally see which one is assigned to help you zoom with Optifine. You can also change the assigned hotkey from this menu, so you can switch it to something else if the current one isn’t to your liking, or if it isn’t assigned at all for some reason.

If pressing the assigned hotkey still isn’t enough to help you zoom in while using Optifine, then there’s probably an issue with the mod itself. It is recommended that you completely uninstall Optifine and then try reinstalling it. The process shouldn’t take that long at all as it is pretty straightforward. This will help you use Optifine to zoom in again as the assigned hotkey should now be working perfectly.

Now that you’re able to finally zoom in you can use the option to do whatever you want. However, if Optifine still doesn’t let you zoom then it is recommended that you simply reduce your FOV to do so instead. You can then simply reset your FOV when you wish to zoom out again. Either way, you now know how to zoom in Minecraft with or without the help of Optifine.

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