Does Fortune Work on Glowstone in Minecraft?

minecraft does fortune work on glowstone
minecraft does fortune work on glowstone

Minecraft is filled with places to explore, enemies to fight, secrets to uncover, and do much more. The game takes players on an endless adventure which they’ll never get tired of. Why this is the case is completely simple. There’s simply so much to do in Minecraft that you hardly ever feel bored.

The game is even bigger than it was during the time of its release, and there are a lot more materials as well than there were before. One of the many different materials in the game which has been around since the very start is glowstone, which can be used for many different things in the game.

Does Fortune Work On Glowstone In Minecraft?

Another great thing in Minecraft which makes it feel great is the complicated yet great enchantment system that helps players. It does so by allowing them to make their preferred equipment much better and more effective in specific aspects and situations. There are different enchantments that can be attached to equipment in order to do so.

There are enchantments that give you the ability to inflict status damage, increase the durability of equipment, increase the damage of weapons, and even help you with exploration and loot. One of the said enchantments that can help you with exploration and loot is the Fortune enchantment.

This enchantment basically gives you better luck when it comes to looting by giving you better rewards. For example, if you were to mine something like a coal ore that would normally give you only 1 coal, the Fortune enchantment would help you get more than this. However, the enchantment only works with materials that drop an item as opposed to dropping themselves when mined. Luckily, this also includes glowstones.

When you try to mine a glowstone, you’ll only get about 2-4 glowstone dust. This means that you cannot get the glowstone itself by mining one. However, what’s great about the Fortune enchantment is that it can ensure that you always get 4 glowstone dust each time you mine a glowstone and nothing less than this.

The reason why this is so great is that you can use these 4 glowstone dusts to create an entire glowstone for yourself. The recipe for crafting a glowstone only requires 4 glowstone dust meaning that you can easily keep creating more and more if you have the Fortune enchantment equipped on your pickaxe.

If you haven’t been able to figure it out already, Fortune does in fact work with glowstone. It ensures that you get 4 glowstone dust every single time, meaning that you get the equivalent of t an entire glowstone each time you mine one. How you use these glowstones is obviously entirely up to you.

They are mainly a great means of producing artificial light for underground environments or other darker regions of the sort. They’re also a key ingredient in quite a few different crafting recipes, and now you can use them as much as you want now that you know how to get lots of them through the Fortune enchantment.

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