Minecraft End Portal Not Working: 2 Ways To Fix

minecraft end portal not working
minecraft end portal not working

Minecraft end portals are a good and somewhat hidden addition to the game that a lot of casual players aren’t so familiar with. It is mainly a key aspect in the survival mode of the game but it can also be created while enjoying the creative mode that Minecraft has to offer.

It allows players to directly teleport themselves to the End, which is another hidden part of the game that is certainly unique to say the least. If you wish to visit the End through and end portal, you can do so with the right steps. Although, it must be said that it definitely isn’t an easy task to perform.

 Minecraft End Portal Not Working

Sometimes when you create an end portal in Minecraft, it might not work. This generally means that you messed up somewhere along the way and will have to fix the issue if you wish to get the portal to start working. Fortunately, we’ve provided a few solutions that you can use to immediately get the end portal working again. These solutions are given below, so just take a look and you’ll be able to learn more about some of the best ways to get rid of this problem.

  1. Setting Up All the Necessities

The first thing that you have to make absolutely sure of is the fact that you are doing the basics right. For example, you need to absolutely ensure that the portal is 3×3 blocks large. This means that you’ll have to somehow get your hands on 12 different end portal frame-blocks. N

ow when you start setting them up and prepare for your journey to the end, you have to make sure that you’ve also got the eye of enders which are a necessity. Once again, you’ll have to gather 12 of these and place all of them on one block. That’s pretty much everything you need in the supply department, meaning that you should be able to build a working end portal if you’ve got the right amount of all these things.

  1. Creating the End Portal the Right Way

One of the main reasons why the end portal doesn’t work right for a lot of players is because they don’t exactly create it the right way. Even if you’ve got all the things you need and placed them in the correct order, there’s a specific method of setting them up which is necessary to follow. This method requires you to stay completely still while building, as you need to stay in one place and build all the end portal blocks around you so that it turns into a working portal.

You have to ensure that you’re standing ‘’inside’’ the portal as you’re creating it, otherwise, it is highly unlikely that it will work. These are the only real main two reasons why your end portal might not be working and also the best ways to fix the problem, as the issue doesn’t lie with the game.

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  1. It wont let me enter the portal. I did everything right and it definitely worked but like- when I’m standing on the portal it won’t let me enter.

  2. It not working I tried what Cha cha said but it didn’t work here’s water he/her said

    Cha cha: It worked. You did not mention that all of the eyes should be facing the same way


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