Can You Enchant the Elytra in Minecraft?

minecraft can you enchant elytra
minecraft can you enchant elytra

Elytra are one of the materials in Minecraft which are arguably underappreciated. They are one of the most fun things in the game because of the sole reason that they allow you to fly. You need to equip them in the chest plate set and then you’ll be able to fly once you press the jump button while falling from a large enough height.

In short, they are a great means of quick traversal and can come in very handy in all sorts of different situations. The best part is that there are also means to make them even better.

Can You Enchant the Elytra in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows users to put enchantments on their equipment to make them much better and useful than they already are. This includes all sorts of different equipment such as weapons, tools, armor, and more. As the elytra is also a piece of equipment that your character uses in the game, you can also enchant it as well.

It is more than possible to enchant the elytra in Minecraft. However, there is one slight difference between enchantments for the elytra and a majority of the other enchantable items in the game. This difference is that there’s only a couple of different enchantments that can be used for it, unlike most other items in the game which have several different enchantments that can be attached to them.

Regardless of this, the two enchantments that can be used to enchant the elytra are still very useful. One of them is the Unbreaking enchantment while the other one is the Mending enchantment. There are also the Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing enchantments which can be attached to elytra if you’re playing version 1.11 or higher. Given the simple use of the elytra, they are all great options, and which one you should use comes down to personal choice.

How to Enchant the Elytra?

Now that you know how to enchant the elytra, you also need to know how to do so. Fortunately, it is a pretty straight forward process if you’re using an anvil. All you have to do is place an anvil and then start using it. Once the repair and name menu shows up, you’ll have to place your elytra in the first slot and the enchanting book on the second. You can use any of the enchanting books that provide the enchantments compatible with the elytra which were also mentioned previously.

Once you do so, you’ll have to confirm the process and your elytra will now be enchanted. Just place it I your inventory after doing so and equip it once again, as the enchantment will now do its job automatically. How many experience points this whole process takes is entirely up to the type of enchantment that you’re trying to attach to the elytra, meaning that you’ll have to keep the cost in mind. Doing this is all that it takes to enchant the elytra, so try it straight away and you’ll be able to make yours even better than it already is.

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