Does Fortune Give More XP In Minecraft?

minecraft does fortune give more xp
minecraft does fortune give more xp

Enchanting is a vital part of Minecraft. Without enchantment, players can’t do much after they have progressed into the late game. Basically, enchantment allows your equipment to be more efficient, or give it a new trait. An enchantment table and the enchantment itself are always needed to perform an enchantment on a piece of equipment.

Fortune is one such popular enchantment that is usually applied to mining tools. The job of the enchantment is to increase the chance rate of specified drops. These can be rare drops that you don’t usually get through mining.

Minecraft: Does Fortune Give More XP?

As Fortune gives your mining tools an increased chance of having specified loots, players often wonder whether it can also be used to increase the XP that you gain. Because, if you are increasing the chance of getting specified loot, you may as well receive more XP too, right? Well, we have some unfortunate news for you.

If you’re also looking for the answer to the question “Does Fortune give more XP in Minecraft?”, then no, it does not. Let’s take a look at exactly why it doesn’t give you more XP than usual.

Why Fortune Doesn’t Give More XP?

Although we can give you dozens of reasons as to why it does not give you more XP, the most sensible reason is simply that it’s not intended to. There should not be a way for you to quickly breeze through levels in Minecraft.

If you can quickly climb up multiple levels through an enchantment, then where’s the challenge in that? What most players don’t seem to understand is that Fortune’s purpose is to give you specified drops on mining, not increase the rate at which you gain XP.

There may as well be mods or other ways of getting more XP than usual. Unluckily, there is simply no way of increasing the rate of your XP gain by normal means in the game. If you do want to level up faster, you may want to do activities that give you more XP.

There really isn’t any easy way of doing it, as the game is intended to challenge the player to its limits. At its core, Minecraft is still a pure sandbox/survival game. Players shouldn’t be able to find an easy way to something. Crafting new things, mining and finding rare loot, fighting tougher enemies, all contribute towards the XP that you will gain.

The Bottom Line

Does Fortune give more XP in Minecraft? No, it does not. In this article, we have explained in detail why Fortune cannot be used to gain more XP. If you really are desperate for leveling up faster, then consider looking for mods or specific servers that will let you do so. The game itself does not grant any boosted way of gaining XP rather than simply doing activities.

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