Minecraft Cats vs Dogs- The Better Pet?

minecraft cats vs dogs
minecraft cats vs dogs

Apart from all the enemies in Minecraft, players can also find different animals wandering around the world in Minecraft. All of these animals can be tamed through different means. All of them have a requirement which when fulfilled will make them follow you.

Minecraft Cats vs Dogs

In Minecraft, cats and dogs are two really popular types of pets that can be tamed. However, acquiring them isn’t an easy task. Taming both of them comes with their own set of benefits. This is why players like to compare the two in order to figure out which one’s better to keep.

If you are also someone who can’t decide whether to keep cats vs dogs in Minecraft, then this article should be of great help to you. Using this article, we will be explaining all the details that you need to figure out which one’s better to keep as a pet.


Dogs are a type of pet that can be acquired by first taming a wolf. To acquire a dog, players have to take a bone and tame a wolf with it. You can find bones through defeating skeletons, fishing, or searching in chests. In order to tame a wolf, you will have to approach it with the bone selected, and then right-click on it.

It might take a couple of tries before the wolf will consider you, it’s master. After you have tamed two wolves, you will have to feed them any kind of meat. Afterward, they should breed. You should get your first puppy then.

The major benefit of keeping a dog is that it will always follow you. The dogs are also able to kill for getting their meat.


Finding cats is a bit trickier in Minecraft. The player will have to find ocelots that are only found in the jungle biome. Here, the player can tame an ocelot once certain requirements are completed. For instance, the player will have to make sure that the ocelot is in hungry mode.

The cat should slowly start coming towards you. You will have to ensure that you don’t make any sudden movements at all. Once the ocelot is within 3 blocks of range from the player, the player can then successfully feed the ocelot and tame it.

One thing you need to make sure of is that you tame the ocelot using a fish. Cats can also be beneficial for the player. The biggest benefit of keeping cats is that they will creepers away.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing Dogs vs Cats, here are some of the most important things that you need to know about both of them. Be sure that you read all the details that we have mentioned in this article.

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