Minecraft Alien vs Predator Map- Best Map?

minecraft alien vs predator map
minecraft alien vs predator map

One of the most popular rivalries in entertainment is that of the Xenomorph, the main threat in the Alien franchise, and the titular Predator. Both are extra-terrestrial beings with their own unique strengths and some great movies, games, and comics to their names.

Their rivalry itself was created by fans, but it became so popular that there were official movies based on it too. One very popular Minecraft mod is also based on this rivalry and the world around it, and we’re here to talk about it today. Here is everything you need to know about this Alien vs Predator Minecraft map, along with all the differences it has compared to the base game.

Minecraft Alien vs Predator Map

Enemies and Other New Mobs

The world of the Alien vs Predator map is a lot different as compared to that of the base game. There are all kinds of different areas and more importantly, there are all kinds of different enemies to face off against. This includes both the titular Xenomorph Alien as well as the Predator itself.

The Xenomorph is a very fast and agile enemy that is capable of doing decent damage. These aliens usually travel in packs, meaning you’ll almost always have to face lots of them at once. Luckily it has very low health as compared to some other enemies.

As for the Predator, it has much more health and is capable of doing some serious damage too. There is also the Alien Queen, which is much stronger than a base Xenomorph which is accurate to the characters. This specific enemy is a boss that can lay eggs to spawn many other aliens to help her out. Predators and Aliens are hostile towards each other, and the player as well. As for other mobs, there are allied soldiers who’ll help you face these threats.

Armour and Weapon Changes

Enemies aren’t the only thing different from the base game in the Alien vs Predator Minecraft map. There are some changes that directly affect the player as well. These are mainly the changes to the armor and weapons made in this mod. Some good examples would be the iron armour which also gives a speed boost and is capable of making players much more resistant to damage as compared to itself in the base game.

The infamous diamond armor is also much stronger in this mod as compared to its already quite strong counterpart in base Minecraft. It makes players resistant to even lava and other dangerous substances while also providing them with stronger resistance to general damage. Much like the iron armor it also has a speed boost of its own. As for new weapons, there are many different kinds of them available for both enemy mobs, allied mobs, and the player themselves.


The final change which is a big one in the grand scheme of things affects the textures. The Alien vs Predator mod looks completely different to the base game thanks to this, and it adds much more to the immersion as well as overall enjoyment while playing this well-made add-on to Minecraft.

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