Types Of Chests In Merge Dragons

merge dragons chests
merge dragons chests

Chests are one of the main elements in Merge Dragons! They are an integral part of the game and players can use them for a number of different things. There are many different types of these chests in the game and each of them is meant to serve a specific purpose. Players need to know all about these chests, as they’re one of the main parts of the game. Just look at the detailed guide mentioned below and you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about the many different chests in the game, as well as their uses.

Types of Chests in Merge Dragons!

There are multiple different chests in the game. As mentioned, they all have their purposes and advantages. Here are a bit more details about each of these chests and how players can acquire them

Dragon Chests

dragon chest

There are multiple different objects which players can harvest in the gigantic dragon world. Some of these objects will provide players with a Dragon Chest upon being harvested. These chests can also be found from a few other locations, such as Evil Fog. Lastly, they can also be earned by completing specific levels. In short, there are multiple different ways a player can earn Dragon Chests.

The interesting part is that there are also 4 different types of Dragon Chests in the game. These include the Dragon Egg Chest, the Dragon Nest Vault, Radiant Egg Chest, and lastly, the Huge Nest Vault. The main type of Dragon Chest is the Dragon Egg Chest and the rest are mainly unlocked by merging Dragon Chests.

Each of the above-mentioned locations provides players with different types of these chests. Completing a level awards one type of Dragon Chest while harvesting a certain object provides another. Once a player gets one of these chests, they’ll be able to find them at their camp. They can be unlocked with the use of gems, while players will also have the option to sell the chests for coins.

Daily Treasure Chest

daily treasure chest

The daily treasure in Merge Dragons! is probably the most common chest in the game, as players get these on a daily basis. These chests are located on a small, dedicated island that can be seen floating near the camp. Only one of these chests are found on the island at a time. A timer for one whole day starts after players collect the Daily Treasure Chest. The next one appears when this timer is fully run down.

There are three different types of daily chests in the game. The main type is simply called the Daily Treasure Chest. This is the variation that players will usually get. After this is the Rare Treasure Chest, which players will get after every seven days. This means that players will get these chests every time they’ve opened 6 common Daily Treasure Chests. Lastly, the third type of Daily Treasure Chest is also called a Rare Daily Treasure Chest, but it has much better rewards than the usual Rare Daily Treasure Chest. Players get this variation after every 48 daily chests that they open.

Treasure Chests

treasure chest

Excluding the Daily Treasure Chests, there are also Treasure Chests in general that provide players with good loot. There are 7 different types of these Treasure Chests and all of them offer specific rewards. Like Dragon Chests, these can also be found by harvesting specific objects or by completing specific levels. Treasure chests can be merged in order to form even better chests. These better chests provide even greater rewards, which is why it is recommended that players save their Treasure Chests for merging purposes.

Event Chests

Event Chests are a special type of chest in Merge Dragons! As their name suggests, these chests are part of events that regularly take place in the game. They also provide players with event-specific rewards. There are multiple different types of chests in the game and each of them symbolizes all the different events that have were in the game for a limited time. If you haven’t had one of these chests yet, you have nothing to worry about, as new events are added to Merge Dragons! on a regular basis.

Bountiful Chests

bountiful chest

These are a unique type of chests in the game, as they can only be found as a result of completing levels. These chests are added to the bountiful chest menu every time a player completes a level. This menu can be found at the top left of a player’s screen. Players can only have 3 of these chests in the menu at a single time, as there are only three slots. Once these slots are full, players will have to unlock at least one of them before they can collect another chest.

There are three different types of Bountiful Chests in the game. You can get these types of Bountiful Chests as you keep playing the game and healing more and more land. The more land you heal, the better the type of chest that you’ll be able to get.

Buy Menu Chests

Lastly, Buy Menu Chests are the types of chests that players have to purchase from the Buy Menu. There are multiple different types of these chests available in the buy menu and each of them offers specific types of rewards. Players can access this menu from the right side of their screen.

Players can only access this menu while they’re in their camp. Buy Menu offers a huge variety of different items that players can purchase using different currencies. These items also include the different types of Bountiful Menu which can be bought using Stone Bricks.


You can use the guide above to learn everything you need to know about the different chests in the game. Once you know this, you’ll be able to do much better at the game, since you’ll know what to do with each type of chest and when to use them.

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