Camp Quests In Merge Dragons (Explained)

merge dragons camp quests
merge dragons camp quests

Camp Quests in Merge Dragons! is a little bit of side content that players can use to take a break from the usual fun of the game. These quests can be found in the main camp of a player. There are 3 different types of camp quests in the game. All three of these types will be available to choose at any time from the camp.

These three different types of camp quests are called action quests, creation quests, and flourish quests. They are all represented using 3 empty stars and players can learn more information about them by tapping on these stars. Each of these quests has its own unique goals and rewards. Players can choose to complete these quests or skip them for a specific amount of dragon gems.

Some camp quests offer rewards that can be considered somewhat helpful, which is why you’ll want to play a few of these in your own free time. Just use the guide given below if you’re interested in learning more about these quests and how you can play them.

Camp Quests in Merge Dragons!

There are a total of 390 camp quests in Merge Dragons! so far. All of these are scattered into 104 flourish quests, 162 action quests, and 124 creation quests. Speaking of all these different types of quests, take a look below in order to learn more about each of the three types of quests and what makes them different.

Flourish Quests

flourish quests

Flourish quests are mainly about healing the land, which is one of the main goals in all of Merge Dragons! You’ll have to heal the land in most levels and in order to reward certain rewards, while you’ll also need to do it in order to complete flourish quests. Players can also complete these quests by opening dragon egg chests and loot orbs.

Players can get both of these by playing the game and completing different tasks. Dragon egg chests can be claimed as a result of completing levels or harvesting certain objects. Merging objects can also grant you one of many different types of dragon egg chests. The same goes for loot orbs, which players can get by completing various tasks in-game.

Lastly, players can also complete some of these Flourish Quests by letting seeds grow. There are a total of 7 different types of these seeds in the game. The type of seed you’ll need to grow will differ depending upon the specific flourish quest that you’re doing. Like most other things, players will be able to grow these sides by completing different objectives such as merging.

Action Quests

action quests

Action Quests are a bit more about completing tasks like opening chests and such. If you’ve played Merge Dragons! for even a little while, you’ll know what chests are and how to open them. There are a lot of different chests in the game and you’ll need to open all of them in order to complete various action quests.

Simply tapping objects is also another thing that you’ll need to do in order to complete some of these quests. Tapping is obviously a major part of Marge Dragons! due to the fact that it is a game for smartphones. You’ll have to tap many different interactable objects in order to complete different kinds of active quests. Tapping is also used to attack Zomblins and other threats in the game. In short, it is a compulsory part of the game and you’ll need to do it perform various different tasks in Merge Dragons! This means that it is fairly easy to complete most of these action quests, especially if you’ve been playing the game for long.

Activating life orbs is also one of the things you’ll need to do if you wish to complete these action quests. These orbs are a key part of the game and are used for their healing power in order to restore dead land. The healing effects can also be used to hurt Zomblins. As mentioned above, players can find these orbs by harvesting specific items or completing levels in the game. Life orbs are pretty common, meaning that you shouldn’t have too much of a problem while finding them and activating them in order to complete action quests.

Creation Quests

creation quests

Last but not least are the creation quests, which are found in the most abundance. There are various different objectives that players will have to perform in order to complete these creation quests. Players can complete some of them by simply owning a specific number of items. For example, you can complete one of these quests by simply owning a set number of chests or other materials that could be considered valuable. These types of creation quests are mainly very easy to complete. However, a few of them require you to own a considerably large number of rare items that are hard to find in the game.

Merging is another thing that you’ll have to do in order to complete these missions. As the game is called Merge Dragons! it’s safe for anyone to assume that merging is a key aspect of the game, which is true. You’ll need to merge in order to complete levels and earn new rewards. You’ll also have to merge in order to gain better chests and more. In short, you can’t play the game without merging the necessary items together, which is expected of a game that is called ‘’Merge Dragons!’’.

As their name suggests, creation quests can also be completed by creating new items in the game. There are multiple different ways a player can create entirely new items in the game. For example, merging is a good way of creating a new item in the game. Whenever you merge items together, a new item is formed from the combination which has the combined effects of both the items that you merged. There are also some ways other than merging that you can use in order to create new materials.

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