Merge Dragons Challenge 9: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 9
merge dragons challenge 9

Merge Dragons is getting widely popular all over the world. The game is available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS that makes it desirable for everyone. The game is all about a magical world that entails lots to unravel. You get a magic ability that allows you to merge things and create something new, more powerful, more magical out of them. While doing that, you also get to heal the land. Merge Dragons is not just about merging things, but you also get to hatch, breed, and use dragons on your magical adventures.

Merge Dragons contains a whole lot of puzzles for you that you need to solve. This lets you focus your energies towards a constructive goal and game not only helps you pass time but also you get a better and active mindset overall. There are vibrant colors and cool magical animations in the game that make your mood feel better and help you have a good day overall. This is a game worth getting obsessed with, and that is being shown by a huge fan following of the game that is increasing ever since the game was released. You can get your hands on different types of levels on this game including Challenge Levels.

Challenge Levels

Challenge levels are spread out throughout the map and are represented by a goblet. There are around 30 challenge levels on the game map. These challenge levels are a tad bit harder than normal levels and have different chalice costs. That means you can have a chance out of your ordinary gameplay to solve these challenge levels and earn some pretty cool rewards that are going to come in handy during your future endeavors in the game. Challenge levels usually have 3 goals that are linked with the stars that you can earn and a final goal.

Merge Dragons Challenge 9

challenge 9

Merge Dragons Challenge 9 stands at Level 57. This level is also known as Silent Bay 2. The reason behind this name is that it used to be a secret level. But developers are always working on the game, updating it and trying to make it more interesting. While secret levels are hidden under different objects on the map, challenge levels are out there in the light and are represented by a goblet. This level is on the far side of known land and contains several islands that would increase the level of difficulty for this challenge level.

challenge 9

These islands are not only difficult to cover, but most of them consist of deadland that you will need to heal. Since it used to be a secret level, there are some mysteries about it that you need to reveal. But the best part is that there is no specific way or order about this level and you can complete it anyway. You just have to complete all the goals and achieve the start. But, to help you with the level, a little insight wouldn’t hurt. You need to start with the dragon portals and create them. Once you have created enough merge portals for the goals, you can merge them together but not before that. You will need to harvest from some bones, collect the right number of life flower sprouts and keep merging the healing powers by 5 until you have the life orb that you can later use to heal the land.

Star Goals

There are 3 stars that you can earn from each challenge level. Each star is connected to a goal that you need to accomplish during the level. These goals may or may not be directly linked with the completion of your level but getting all the stars will have higher chances for you to get the better prize and of course earn another star.

Star Goal 1

Star Goal 1 is about merging 5 dragon portals at once. Remember that you will only have one chance at it as you can only create 5 dragon portals on this level. Ensure that you don’t merge 3 of them before you can create the other 2 as it will hurt your chance to earn this star and that is definitely not something that you would want or like.

Star Goal2

Star Goal 2 is the best part about this level, and it is directly linked with the end goal as well. Upon having 7 life flowers, you can achieve the star goal 2. You will need to have 6 life flower sprouts, merge 5 of them to create 2 life flowers. Keep your dragons harvesting from those bones so you can have more sprouts that you can merge again to have more life flowers. This level is all about creating life flowers and merging them together.

Star Goal 3

Star Goal 3 is just growing your flower garden. When you have successfully achieved to create 15 life flowers, you will earn the 3rd star on this level. You need to keep merging the flowers until you are able to count them up to 15. The process might be a bit time consuming but it is worth the rewards in the end so just keep on going and have a bit of patience. You will also get to face some zomblins on your path, so you are going to need more dragons on this level. Have your best dragons deal with those zomblins and keep the rest of your dragons to harvesting. The right way to do it would be to destroy the caves and harvest them as well.

End Goal

end goal

The level was originally a secret level so there is no Gaia’s statue at it. You just need to have 17 life flowers to achieve the final goal. Make sure to heal all the dead land including those islands while you are at it.

Possible Rewards

You have the chance to earn Life Flower, Green Dragon Egg, and stone bricks upon completion of this level. If you have an optimal performance overall, you might end up winning all of them together.

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