Merge Dragons Challenge 7: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 7
merge dragons challenge 7

Merge Dragons is one of my most favorite mobile games out there and, I am not alone. The game is getting widely popular all over the world as it has everything to offer that can get you through a boring day at the office, or keep you busy on your daily commute. You just have to get your phone on and start having some real fun. All these vibrant colors, cool animations, immersive sounds, and that too with a hint of magic make it your all-day daily driver. There is lots of magic on the game to keep you hooked for a long time.

There are different puzzles that you need to solve with the help of your dragons and wits and that is what makes this game more interesting. You get to see different kinds of levels, each on a distant land spread across the magical world map of Merge Dragons that you will need to cover. To get a better idea of how things work and what kind of levels are out there you need to keep going. The trickiest of all is the challenge levels that are randomly spread over the map.

Challenge Levels

Challenge levels are the best thing to keep you from boredom. While you are going through a certain type of levels that are pretty much the same without any major difference but increased difficulty, you get these challenge levels on distant and different lands with complex puzzles that are going to keep you hooked with the game all day long. There are 30 challenge levels on the map, each represented by a goblet. While these challenge levels keep your interest in the game, they are a perfect way to earn some cool rewards and make them count towards your progress in the game.

Merge Dragons Challenge 7

challenge 7

Merge Dragons Challenge 7 comes at Level 42. This is a pretty advanced level with a chalice cost of 6. This means you will only get one go at this level at any given day unless you have more chalice stocked up that you have been saving. This is one of the main reasons that you need to be careful at this level. Merge Dragons Challenge 7 is also known as Hilltop 1. This land at hilltop that needs some life and that is what you are going to give it with your healing abilities. However, you need to be a bit sharp and witty here as things are not that simple as they look like.

challenge 7

As seen in the photo above, there are multiple skulls and stones on this level. That is where you need to be careful and not take any hasty steps that would make your attempt fail at the end. There are 6 Crimson Dragon Eggs, 3 Life Flowers, and some skulls on the level. You need to merge them smartly and fast. The trick is to merge the eggs with eggs in the dead land first as it will heal the land and you will have better chances towards winning. Make sure that you merge all the eggs in the dead land as this will be the very foundation your game is relying on. Another thing to be careful about it harvests from any skills you unlock and not accidentally merge them. This is directly connected to your goal stars and you don’t want to mess them up in any possible way if you want to complete the level and earn some rewards.

Goal Stars

Hilltop1 has some basic goal stars that are not much complicated. But the secret behind these goal stars is how you accomplish the rest of your game so you can make them work in the right order and proper way.

Goal 1

The first goal star is to drop dragons on skulls. There are 15 skulls and you will need to drop all 15 dragons on them. Now, here is when you are going to need those skulls to harvest from them, and if you accidentally merged any of those skulls earlier, you will be short of skulls to harvest and that will hurt your chances of completing the first goal. You don’t want to do that at all, so be mindful of this from the very beginning of this level.

Goal 2

Goal 2 is about merging fruit trees. This whole level is filled with multiple fruit trees that you need to merge and create more fruit trees of enhanced levels. You are going to merge fruit tree seeds that you have harvested from skills. Fruit tree seeds will continue growing on their own, and all you have to do is merge them when they are ready. You will need to create 3 Level 3 fruit trees to complete the Goal 2.

Goal 3

Goal 3 is pretty basic and simple. You will need to create a level 4 fruit tree. The goal might be simple enough if you have done everything right until Goal 2. But you need to keep an eye on goal 3 from the very beginning and plan your whole strategy for this level accordingly. One slight mistake during the level and you can end up hurting your chances to complete the goal 3 as it should be.

End Goal

end goal

End Goal is pretty much the same. The level is all about creating fruit trees on the hilltop1 as they bring life and heal the land. You will need to create 2 levels of 4 fruit trees to complete the end goal. If you have completed the goal 3, you know the path well and that will lead you to create another Level 4 fruit tree to complete the end goal and win this level.

Possible Rewards

Rewards on Challenge levels are higher than other levels and that is one of the best things about these levels. Upon completing this level, you have a chance to get Leaf of a fruit tree, Rock Dragon Egg, or a fruit tree sapling to harvest at your own place. Your reward will depend on the performance level.

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