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Merge Dragons

merge dragons

Merge Dragons is one of the most popular games featured on both Android and iOS. The game provides both a challenging and fun experience to their players. While mainly being a puzzle game, players have to clear levels to earn rewards. These rewards are then used to improve their very own dragon land.

The core gameplay of Merge Dragons includes merging different things to make something amazing out of it. Players have to be smart when they merge these things, as the result might be the deciding factor for winning the level. Merging the plants give life orbs that are used to revive the dead land.

Right now, Merge Dragons have players from all over the world. The game consists of all the good elements that make up a great video game. Levels consist of solving puzzles on a limited time while also having limited resources to complete a specific goal.

The levels in Merge Dragons have a progression system, where with every passing level, the objective gets harder. To counter this, the player also gets better at the game and gets access to better items and dragons.

Merge Dragons Challenges

Challenges are a newer addition to Merge Dragons. They are a new kind of level where the player has very limited time to complete an objective. The objective could be anything from merging the Gaia statues, to creating a certain number of items, such as specific life orbs.

There are mainly 3 rewards featured in each challenge, along with 3 wins. Every win has a different difficulty, with the 3rd being the most rewarding, and difficult. The first win is the most forgiving and gives a common reward. However, the 3rd win mostly gives you a cool new dragon to add in your collection.

Merge Dragons: How to Clear Challenge 10

challenge 10

The challenge 10 in Merge Dragons comes around halfway through the challenges. This challenge, in particular, could give you a pretty hard time if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you do manage to beat the challenge and get the 1st win, the other two wins are exceptionally hard.

This is where our guide for challenge 10 comes in. We’ll be giving you a complete step by step guide to clear challenge 10. You can use this guide to get all the wins for challenge 10. Keep in mind we’ll only guide you on how to get the 2nd and 3rd win. You can use the 2nd win guide to get the first 2 wins.

For First and Second Win

Before starting the guide, know that the 1st win will only grant you a trophy, whereas the 2nd win will bless you with a crimson dragon (Dragon power 15). Here is the step by step guide to get these two wins:

  • For the objective, you have to merge the Gaia in under 5 minutes for the second win. Start off by picking eggs from the basket. Once you have 5 of them placed, merge them together to get a dragon to help you harvest.

basekt eggs

  • You can also see 3 different dragon portals in the land. Quickly merge them together to get another dragon from camp.

dragon portals challenge 10

  • Merge the remaining 3 green eggs to get another dragon. You should have 4 dragons in total now.
  • Get all four of your dragons to attack the zomblin cave on the left side. You can do that by simply tapping on it. Once the cave is destroyed, you will see a zomblin come out of the cave.

attack zomblin cave

  • Get all of your dragons to attack the zomblin and kill it as fast as you can. After the zomblin is killed tomb will spawn on the zomblin, and you will get a few coins.
  • Now, simply start harvesting the plants to get life essences. Merge 5 life essences to get two life orbs.
  • Use the life orbs to heal a few parts of the dead land. Keep on harvesting until you see another zomblin come out of the zomblin cave.

zomblin cave spawn

  • Quickly merge the life essences if you managed to get 5 of them, use the life orbs, and start attacking the zomblin. Collect any chests and coins you get, and then start harvesting again.
  • Keep on repeating these steps, and kill the zomblin whenever they spawn. If you’re feeling confident, you can also merge 5 life orbs to get two tiny life orbs and revive a good chunk of the area.
  • Once you get to Corwin’s tombs, merge them together to revive some bonus area. You will need to revive just a few more parts of land until you get access to a Gaia statue.

corwin's tomb

  • Simply merge the 3 statues. You should be able to complete the level now and have plenty of time left.

gaia statues challenege 10

For Third Win

The third win is harder and will grant you a noble crimson dragon with 50 dragon power. To get the final win, follow these steps:

  • You have half the time to complete the same objective (2 mins 30 secs). Start off by merging the 3 dragon portals. A dragon will spawn from your camp.
  • Merge the 3 eggs to get another dragon. Now, merge the life flower sprouts to get pink life flowers and destroy the first zomblin cave.
  • Start harvesting now. While harvesting, get all the eggs from the basket and merge 5 eggs to get two more dragons.
  • You will also see a few seeds flying in the air, merge them to get more flowers.
  • Follow the same procedure as before and keep on harvesting life orbs to revive the land. Kill any zomblin that spawns in the vicinity.
  • This time around, try to get as many life flowers as you can. Merge any bones you see to get more of these. Keep all of your dragons busy on harvesting each and every life flowers. Also, use all the life extenders you see to boost the process.

challenge 10 life extenders

  • Once you have revived enough land to get access to a statue, quickly merge them together to complete the objective.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully cleared all the wins for challenge 10 in Merge Dragons.

challenge 10 level complete

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