Merge Dragons Challenge 4: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 4
merge dragons challenge 4

Merge Dragons Challenge 4 is something out of the blue that hits you hard. With the increasing popularity of Merge Dragons, there are millions of gamers that are on the platform, and developers are trying the best they could to make it worth their while. Merge Dragons are the game that focuses on creating life, and it is a unique concept that we get rather than those destructive arcade games. That is one of the main reasons that Merge Dragons is getting due to popularity.

You have to solve puzzles and merge different objects to heal the land and restore it to its best position. You also get to breed and raise dragons that you can merge together to create a bigger dragon to accompany you on the course of creating life and new mystical objects. Merge Dragons have all the right reasons to keep your interest and challenge levels is one of them.

Challenge Levels

There are around 30 Challenge levels in the game that would keep your interest in the game and keep you indulged in creating life. You don’t want me telling you that these levels are pretty much harder than normal levels, as the name suggests. Almost all these challenge levels are about Gaia Statues, and the mystery behind that is yours to solve and reveal the uncovered secret behind it. We are going to have a good look at Merge Dragons Challenge 4 here and see what it is all about.

Merge Dragons Challenge 4


Merge Dragons Challenge 4 is at Level 24. It is pretty basic for advanced players who have ventured far in the Merge Dragons world, and they had left these challenge levels for later. However, those players that are covering these challenges as they appear on the map, these challenge levels can be quite tricky, and they need the right guidance to go through it. This article is all about helping you understand what this level entails and exactly what you are expected to do to cover up this level.

challenge 4

As you can see in the image above, you get to heal all the land that is uncovered by merging these resources and discover new, cool things that you are going to merge. The level is known as Island Grove and is a pretty straightforward level with no complications or whatsoever. You just have to complete the goals and merge these objects in the right order to complete this level in the given time. The chalice cost of Island Grove is 3 Chalice which means you can have two tries a day on it, but that would not be needed if you take things seriously about Merge Dragons and do as you can read in this guide. This is a puzzle game, and you might want to solve the puzzles on your own while you are at it. But a little help is always appreciated and won’t hurt anyone. So, if you are looking for the right guidance or you are stuck at some point with merge dragons challenge 4, here is what you need to do.

Goal Stars

goal stars

Like every other challenge level, there are three goal stars that you need to achieve to move things forward. You need to not mess up these goal starts being hasty or making some decisions that can cost you a try at this level.

The first goal star is to Merge 5 Life Flowers at once. You need to be careful with these life flowers as if you merge 3 of them earlier, you can be left with 2 in the end, and that would ruin your chances at merging those five life flowers at once. This would create something else that you might not need to complete this level, and that can be a problem for you.

The second goal entails activating level 1 life orbs. You will need to activate 3 of these life orbs to heal all the land. They will also make some green dragons that will help you in healing the land. Healing all the land is the major part of covering any challenge level as it would cover the unlocked land with you, and you will unravel all the mystical objects that are hidden there to create some creational magic.

The third goal is pretty simple, but you need to be careful there too. You have to open a level 3 chest. You will need to merge the treasure chests that you get on your journey to heal the land, and that will create a chained treasure chest of level 3 that you need to open. Be mindful that you would not need to open the chest before you merge them into a level 3 chest. Opening the chest before it reaches level 3 would not complete your third goal, and that can cost you a try at this challenge level; that is obviously not something that you want.

End Goal

end goal

While you are healing the land with your mystical powers and merging magical objects, you will discover different parts of Gaia’s statue that were destroyed by dark magic that corrupted the land. You will need to keep these pieces safe and not merge them until you find all of them. Once you have healed all the land, completed goal stars, and you have all the pieces of destroyed Gaia’s statue, you will need to use these pieces to create restored Gaia’s statue, and that will cover up the level for you.


The big time for rewards is everyone’s favorite. You need to keep your eye on the prize to have the right motivation that you are going to need to win any level, so here is a brief idea of possible rewards. Upon completion of this challenge level, you can get a Life Flower for your chest that you can grow on your dragon camp and expand life on it, a Grass Dragon egg that would come handy for your future endeavors or a Life flower sprout that can be merged with another life flower sprout.

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