Merge Dragons Challenge 8: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 8
merge dragons challenge 8

Merge Dragons is a popular game that is available on iOS and Android platforms. It focuses mainly on magical objects that you can merge. It is a strategical puzzle game that relies on your mental abilities and intelligence to solve these puzzles of the mystical world. To make things interesting, these puzzles are tied with merging multiple objects and creating something cool out of them. While doing that, you get to heal the dead landfill with harmony and magic.

The game is full of magical stuff, you get to breed dragons and keep them with you for a little bit of magical help in the game as you proceed through the adventurous levels of this game. Due to a constructive approach, the game has gained millions of players in a short span and they continue to increase each day. That is one of the main reasons that developers are not sitting idle and they are continuously improving the game and making it grow even more. Each level of game unravels some new challenges for you that make you ponder.

Challenge Levels

You get to face three different types of levels while playing Merge Dragons. These are regular levels, challenge levels, and secret levels. While challenge levels are not that scarce and there are 30 levels on the whole map, these levels are the trickiest ones. But the best thing is, their rewards are high as well. Developers of the game are continuously working on increasing these challenge levels, but as a player, these levels will put you up to some additional challenges. If you see them my way, these levels are also the right way to earn some precious rewards while you are at them.

Merge Dragons Challenge 8

challenge 8

Merge Dragons Challenge 8 is something out of the ordinary. You have not seen a level like this before, but don’t let that get on your mind at all. Have the right confidence that you can do it and see it get done. You will need to have some patience if you want to earn those 3 stars on this challenge level. You need to be careful with those combo bonuses and don’t use them for anything other than healing the land. Otherwise, you will lose your opportunity to make the 32 merges that are required to earn a star on this level. Rest is pretty much easy on this level and you can have a brief intro here.

The level contains islands. Something that you might be seeing for the first time on this level. There is dead land in all the wrong places that you need to heal. That is why you need to be patient and let those combo bonuses do the trick. Life Flower Sprout is the key to get this level done right. The level is at 47 and is also known as Hilltop5. You will need to have 4 Chalice to attempt this level, so you better make your chalice worth the try. That is why you need to be vigilant about covering all those star goals and earn the stars right away.

Goal Stars

You get a chance to earn 3 stars on this level that are directly linked with 3 goals on this level. These goals are not that hard to achieve if you devise the right strategy. Remember again, patience is the core factor to get this level done right. You just need to be patient enough and follow the instructions to achieve all these goals.

Goal 1

The first goal that can earn you a star is creating a Quadruple Chain Reaction merge. That is not something easy to achieve and you need to be on your toes while you are at it. To start with, you will need to do a merge 3 on Emerald Plain Grass that will give you a life flower sprout. This will also start the Quadruple Chain Reaction Merge fulfilling your first goal. You will also heal some land in the process that would be critical to move forward in the game and achieve the next goals.

Goal 2

The second goal is where patience comes in. You will need to merge 32 objects from the dead land. One merge short, and you will not be getting a star. You can complete the level, and heal all the land without completing this goal, but that would cost you a star and you don’t want that. You will need to merge the life flower that you have created with 2 identical flowers on the dead land. This will give you a blue life flower that you need to put out of the way, and keep merging items on the deadland to achieve the required merge numbers.

Goal 3

Goal 3 is where things get complicated. There are different fruit trees that you have created that will come in handy now. You will have to merge these trees to create a level 3 life orb. This level 3 life orb is critical to healing all the dead land and that will eventually end you up with level completion. However, be mindful that you create this level 3 life orb after you are done achieving the second goal as you need to merge the required number of items on the dead land to achieve goal 2 and ear a star.

End Goal

end goal

The end goal is as simple as it could be. Like most of the challenge levels you have been playing before this, you just need to create a restored Gaia’s statue. You will find all the parts on the deadland and you continue healing it and once you have collected all these parts by healing the land, you can merge them to create the Gaia’s statue on this land.

Possible Rewards

This is a simple level, and the rewards are not that exceptional on this level. You will get a chance to earn Fruit tree sapling or a green dragon egg upon completion of Challenge 8 in Merge Dragons.

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