Merge Dragons Challenge 17 – Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 17

Merge Dragons, an adventure game with puzzles, The game is based on the premise that player is required to heal a magical land, harness the power of theĀ dragons, solve engaging puzzles and eventually build your camp to grow dragons. The game is published by Gram Games Limited. It is available on the Apple store and Play store both. Amazingly Merge Dragons is also available on Bluestacks.

The main attraction for players is the freedom of merging virtually anything in pursuit of solving the puzzle. Amazing objects evolve after merging the most common of game elements. The basic elements available to merge are eggs, treasure, star, magical flower, tree and one can even merge the dragons themselves to create surprisingly fantastic objects that help in clearing game levels.

The basic format of the game is to solve the puzzle by merging these game elements until the specified object comes to life. The newly formed object will help the player in healing their virtual land in the game which is the ultimate objective of the game, to heal your land. After healing the land, the player would have to merge the Gaia statues to get the final win. The difficulty level of the puzzle is based on the level the player is on. Clearing out each level gives rewards. The player can merge these rewards in their camp to make it grow even more.

challenge 17

Merge Dragons – Challenges

The game runs a separate series of challenges where the players are required to solve the puzzle, complete the challenge in a specified amount of time. The difficulty level of these challenges increases as players win the challenge and move on to the next level.

Each challenge is divided into three wins. The player needs to claim all three of the stages to receive the rewards. These rewards also include a cool dragon for your camp. Players are required to complete the challenging puzzle in a specified amount of time and each challenge has a different time limit based on its difficulty level. The first win of the challenge is somewhat easy, the second win is a bit challenging and the third win gives a tough time to the player.

Merge Dragons Challenge Level 17

The challenge 17 in Merge Dragons, also known as The Totem Shire 8. Completing all three wins of this challenge will reward you with a Skeleton Dragon Kid. This level is fairly challenging than level sixteen called the Ancient Totem. Most players are not able to complete this challenge in time.

This whole guide is designed to assist such a player who is struggling at level 17. To complete this challenge with all three wins and claim your reward, follow this step by step guide with the focus where each move is explained in detail to win as fast as possible.


Merge Dragons Challenge Level 17 Walkthrough

challenge 17 intro

  1. 1st & 2nd Win:
  • Start with the bottom left-hand side with the floating seeds and merge them together.
  • Press the life extended arrows and heal.
  • Merge the dear eggs and then harvest the land.
  • Merge the seeds and heal the lower-left corner of the maze.
  • Merge the blessed sprouts on the left & right and hit the life extended arrows.
  • Take the five blessed flowers and make a 5 merge with them.
  • Now merge the five seeds, merge the three sprouts, and three blessed flowers consecutively.
  • Now harvest the IVY.
  • Drop the blessing orb in the dead land and heal it.
  • Keep harvesting minor blessings.
  • Merge the force underwood together and heal the land.
  • Keep on harvesting the orb
  • Open the chest and merge five of the minor blessings.
  • Merge the seeds and blessed sprouts in the center and continue harvesting.
  • Now focus on the top left area.
  • Make 5 merges with the green blessing orbs and harvest the ivy.
  • Hit the life extender arrows to heal the corresponding land.
  • Merge the swamp underwood and hit the merge arrows.
  • You will notice your first tiny pond.
  • Launch the young blessing orb in the lower right corner to heal the land.
  • Merge the shimmering plants.
  • Take the dear egg and make a 3 merge at the top center.
  • Harvest the enchanted stumps, keep on harvesting, and hit the arrows in the end.
  • Merge the rocky underwood in the bottom center and now you have two tiny ponds.
  • Keep on following this pattern.
  • Tap the bones in the lower-left corner and merge them.
  • Merge the blessed sprouts.
  • In the end, you will be left with black statues, keep on tapping it until your creatures destroy it.
  1. 3rd Win:
  • Merge those blesses sprouts.
  • Merge those dear eggs.
  • Hit those life extender arrows.
  • Take all blessed seeds and heal the dead land.
  • Start harvesting those minor blessings.
  • Merge blessed sprouts and heal the dead land with life extended arrows.
  • Harvest the blessed flowers and do a five merge with the blessed seeds.
  • Merge the blessing orbs, it will make a great heal.
  • Make a five merge with the sprouts and make your way to the top left side.
  • Tap the mist of dear eggs and make a 5 merge.
  • Place the minor blessings with the other 4 and make a five merge.
  • Launch the orb at the top left corner.
  • Merge the floating seeds together and keep on harvesting the IVYs.
  • Merge the five sprouts at the top right corner.
  • Merge the bones at the lower right corner.
  • Keep on harvesting for the higher level orbs.
  • Keep on following this pattern.
  • Launch the pink orb at the lower right corner.
  • Merge the fruits together.
  • Hit the life extender arrows.
  • Collect the coins and keep on harvesting.
  • Merge the broken mythical idols together.
  • Merge the pile of drude stones and those life extenders.
  • Tap on the evil statues and your creatures will destroy them and we are done.


This challenge was tougher than 16 but it was a fun adventure. Remember to follow directions in order with focus until you claim your victory.

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