MCEdit vs WorldEdit: What’s The Difference?

mcedit vs worldedit
mcedit vs worldedit

MCEdit and WorldEdit are both some of the most popular mods available for Minecraft. They both have their own uses, which are similar to one another but unique at the same time in one way or another. If you’re interested in using mods for the game and can’t seem to choose which of these two you like more, you don’t need to tire yourself with thinking any longer.

We’ve compiled some of the main differences between both mods in our comparison which is given below. Just read it and you should be able to make it much easier on yourself when it comes down to making a decision between the two.

MCEdit vs WorldEdit

What They Do

The main concept of both these mods is quite similar. Minecraft is a game that’s all about building many different things and letting one’s imagination do all the work for them. However, going along with the creative tendencies of one’s imagination can be very tiring at times, especially in Minecraft in which a simple mistake can sometimes ruin an entire structure.

To make things much easier for themselves and build or edit what they’ve already built, users can make the most out of either MCEdit or WorldEdit

As showcased in their names, both of these mods for Minecraft are used for editing purposes. They can make it much easier to build things or modify already existing structures in the game.

They’re generally great because they let users make big or small changes alike in a quicker time. But while they’re similar in this regard, the way that both the mods do this and the way they function in general are quite different from each other.

The Functioning of Both Mods

The very first thing to know about MCEdit is that it is a much bigger modification than WorldEdit is. The latter is simply an in-game program, while the former is an entire external program of its own.

This affects their functionality a lot, as it means there are some limitations for them both. MCEdit offers a lot of limitations in terms of editing size, allowing players to edit and mess with even the largest of structures without there being too many problems. However, WorldEdit begins to cause many problems with bigger structures.

This makes MCEdit the ideal choice for those that only care about how much they can edit at a time, as it offers much better accessibility in this regard. As for WorldEdit, it is also a great option for those who know they’ll only be editing smaller builds and structures.

Ease of Use

For someone completely new to Minecraft, WorldEdit is a great mod to use. It offers lots of accessibility and easy commands which can be learned relatively quickly. Due to MCEdit being an external program of its own, there can be a little problem for newer players to figure out how to make full use of it. That’s why WorldEdit is superior in this regard, even if it is just by a little.

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