Feed The Beast vs Tekkit: Comparing Both Minecraft Launchers

feed the beast vs tekkit minecraft
feed the beast vs tekkit minecraft

Feed The Beast and Tekkit are both two of the most popular launchers available for Minecraft. They were released a very long time ago, and are almost as old as the game itself. At one time, Tekkit was thought to be much more superior between the two launchers, but this has changed now as a result of many great updates which were made to FTB. If you’re looking to change your launcher but can’t decide which of the two you wish to use, here’s a brief comparison between them.

Minecraft Tekkit Vs Feed The Beast


The purpose of both these launchers and what they’re used for is quite similar to one another. Obviously, they’re both used to run Minecraft, but their function also allows them to run much more than that. Both FTB and Tekkit are capable of running mods and modpacks along with the game, letting players play completely modified versions of Minecraft.

These are modified versions are sometimes even more accessible and enjoyable than the base game. This is the priority for both these launchers and is just about what their main purpose is. The way they handle this differs in some ways though, and we’re here to discuss said differences directly below.

Mods and Modpacks

One of the main differences between both Tekkit and FTB is the number of mods and modpacks that both of the launchers feature. Neither of them will run any specific mod out there. There is only a select number that can be launched through either launcher.

Tekkit used to be the much more popular option and had a lot more modpacks than Feed The Beast at one point. However, FTB suddenly rose in popularity and surpassed Tekkit in this regard due to some controversy regarding the latter. Due to it now being the more popular option among players, there are more modpacks exclusively available for Feed The Beast for players to try as compared to Tekkit.

Requirements and Ease of Use

FTB once used to be a very buggy launcher that had lots of problems. It was one of the main reasons why Tekkit used to be the much more popular option between the two at a time. However, there have been several updates released for it over the years which have made it much more suitable for use, and it is now one of the best modpack launchers available for Minecraft. It has a lot of accessibility and customization options for players. But, Tekkit, is still the better option in this regard despite this.

Tekkit provides much more ease of use as compared to FTB. The modpacks are usually easier to access and customize, and there have been many updates for this launcher as well which have made it better and more suited to modern use. Tekkit also has a lot fewer requirements as compared to FTB. While the latter eats up lots of resources due to the size and weight of its modpacks, the former does nothing of the sort.

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