Mage Tower Quest Not Showing Up In WoW: How To Fix?

mage tower quest not showing up wow
mage tower quest not showing up wow

The Mage Tower Quest is one of the many different journeys that players can choose to go in WoW. The quest itself isn’t that difficult and is actually one of the easier ones if you know exactly what you’re doing. But there is one problem that makes it near impossible to clear.

Said problem is that the quest sometimes doesn’t show up at all, which obviously makes it so that players can never complete it. This used to be a common problem that occurred from time to time a few years ago, and it is a permanent one as of now. Here are some reasons for this.

Reason Why Mage Tower Quest is Not Showing Up in WoW

Lots of players encountered this issue when it wasn’t their first time trying to start the Mage Tower quest and were actually trying to do so once again with an alt character. That’s because they likely hadn’t completed the storyline linked to it. This specific mission had multiple other previous ones that are directly linked with it.

Players needed to complete all of these before they could finally get started with the Mage Tower Quest. The story told throughout these missions was necessary to go through, so that players could finally get all the rewards related to the Mage Tower mission. This was the most common reason for the issue, but it is no longer the case as of now.

Nowadays, there is only one simple reason why the Mage Tower quest no longer shows up, and this reason is one that a lot of players will be disappointed to learn about. Mage Towers have been removed from WoW, whether it be the classic version of the game or the retail one.

This means that you have missed out on your opportunity to play it and earn all of the rewards associated with it if you failed to complete the mission during the days that WoW: Legion was the latest expansion for the game. The reason why this is such disappointing news is that the Mage Tower quest gave users the option to unlock the full potential of their character’s weapon, making it much more useful than it already is.

To put it shortly, the Mage Tower quest is not showing up in WoW regardless of whatever you try because the quest has been completely removed from the game. It cannot be played anymore, as Mage Towers aren’t available at all. There’s no way to access older versions of the game with the quest and earn the rewards associated with it as well, meaning that all the relatively newer players have surely missed out on some very valuable loot.


As you can see, the Mage Tower quest can no longer be played in WoW. There isn’t any problem with your device or the game which is causing this issue. It is simply the fact that the mission has been removed from the game, and will likely never be making a return.

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