Kefka vs Joker: Minecraft Forum Debate

kefka vs joker minecraft
kefka vs joker minecraft

Kefka and Joker are both clowns that look to cause a lot more pain than laughter. The latter is the iconic clown prince of crime from DC Comics while the former is the memorable main antagonist of Final Fantasy VI.

Surprisingly enough, the debate between which of the two is a better villain is very popular among Minecraft forums, despite neither of them having anything to do with the game. If you’ve also seen these forums and are wondering which of the two is better/more memorable, here’s everything you need to know about them both, along with the main differences between them.

Kefka vs the Joker – Answering the Popular Minecraft Forum Debate

Their Goals

Obviously both are notoriously evil and only wish to cause harm on others, but their reasons and end goals for doing so are very different. For example, Kefka’s only goal is destruction itself. He doesn’t care about anything at all other than watching other people suffer and destroying all form of life. There is no hidden goal behind any of his actions, as his only motive is seeing the pain and suffering of others while destroying everything in the known universe.

The Joker on the other hand, while being a mad man himself, is also much more sophisticated. He also like, hurt others, but the main reason for doing so is just to toy with Batman. His only goal is to make Batman suffer, and to destroy the caped crusader from the inside. Almost everything the Joker does is to mess with Batman, including all the killings and other forms of crimes he commits.


While it may not seem like it at first, the Joker is actually a genius when it comes to intellect. He has outsmarted even Batman at times, who is known to be one of the smartest people in the world. Every action he takes, no matter in the movies, games, or comics is always planned to the fullest and executed brilliantly most of the time too.

Kefka on the other hand isn’t the strongest in this department. He isn’t the smartest of characters, and not the best of tacticians either. The main reason behind this is his complete insanity and obsession with chaos and destruction. But this also makes Kefka much more unpredictable, which is a strength of its own. Speaking of strength, let’s move on to the next comparison between both antagonists.


By the end of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka has the strength of a god, as he quite literally becomes one. He is capable of easily wiping out entire worlds and has amazing powers. On the other hand, most iterations of the Joker show him to be a human. Even though a genius tactician and a deranged lunatic, he is still a human at the end of the day. Despite being stronger than the average person, there is simply no way that a majority of the Joker’s iterations can even be compared to Kefka in this regard, as it would simply be too unfair.

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