OptiFine vs MCPatcher- Which One’s Better?

optifine or mcpatcher
optifine or mcpatcher

It can be quite annoying when your computer system is not strong enough to let you enjoy your favorite game. Even if you’re able to get the game to run on your system the frames are just too low for you to enjoy it. The game feels more like a slide show of images than an actual video game.

Luckily, some developers launch mods that can help optimize your game. So, you can experience those high-quality textures and high FPS using these mods. In this article, we will be discussing different features of OptiFine and MCPatcher.

OptiFine vs MCPatcher


This mod helps you take your FPS to a new level. After installation, it is very common for players to experience a 2x boost in the amount of FPS they’re getting. This can make your gaming experience way smoother. You don’t have to worry about these FPS dipping in-between gameplay.

But that’s not all, you get so many other features along with the FPS boost. This includes better lighting, better textures that you can modify yourself, render distance and so much more. This entails that this mod is not only for low spec computer systems. But rather it can be used in high spec computer systems to make the game look even better. You’ll have to restart the game after each settings update for it to apply to your game.

OptiFine is the preferred choice for most players because of the continuous development and support. Even though some features are missing in OptiFine it continues to improve over time.  That is why the majority of players choose OptiFine over MCPatcher.


Just like OptiFine this mod also allows you to optimize your game and improve the overall experience by enhancing the visuals. You can have better glass texture, Sky, custom colors and so many other features. Overall MCPatcher focuses more on enhancing visuals than optimizing the game for you.

All these extra visual features are not present in the OptiFine mod. So, if you had no trouble with your in-game FPS and were looking for better visuals in your game to enhance your overall experience; Then MCPatcher should be your first option. However, on the low spec computer systems, it is not recommended that you choose MCPatcher as OptiFine can provide you so much better performance results.

Lastly, MCPatcher stopped receiving updates years ago which is why the majority of players started calling it obsolete. With no new development being introduced in the mod, all the MCPatcher players were forced to switch to OptiFine to enjoy the different visuals. Both of these mods can improve your gameplay depending upon what feature you’re looking for.

Currently, the majority of the players use OptiFine because of the tremendous performance boost they’re able to get. If they had to choose between better visuals and better FPS, almost every single one would choose FPS over visuals because of how bad it feels to play a game on low frames. We recommend that you give both of these mods a try and then decide which one works better for your system.

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