How To Put Multiple Enchantments On An Item In Minecraft?

how to put multiple enchantments on an item in minecraft
how to put multiple enchantments on an item in minecraft

Enchanting in Minecraft

Enchanting is Minecraft’s own way to make magic weapons, armors, and various items. This enchanted equipment has its abilities boosted. It can also get some additional abilities. Enchanting requires its players to have Experience. It is gained by doing various activities in Minecraft.

These activities may include fighting monsters, trading, smelting ore, or farming and mining. Doing these activities often will reward the player with Experience.

Enchantment Table

Enchantment Table is an important element for enchanting in Minecraft. It is the block that lets players enchant various equipment and items. A pickaxe is required while using the enchantment table. It is used for mining which then gives a random drop. Mining on an enchantment table without a pickaxe will result in no drops.

A bookshelf is required for further boosting the abilities of the enchantment table. With the help of bookshelves placed near it, players can enchant up to level 30 enchantment.

How to Put Multiple Enchantments on an Item in Minecraft?

Once a player uses an enchantment table to enchant an item. Players can’t use it again to enchant the same item. This has left players wondering how to put multiple enchantments on an item in Minecraft? Is it even possible?

It certainly is! But the player will need to use an anvil. Once a player enchants an item, there are two possible things a player can do with it on the anvil. Either combine it with another enchanted item or use a second enchantment on it.

Likewise, to use a second enchantment, players will need to use an enchantment book. Players can find it inside chests. Using the anvil, you can combine two enchanted books as well. This will give you a double-enchanted book! Players can use these double enchanted books on various equipment on their inventory.

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