Horde vs Alliance Ratio In WoW: What’s The Difference?

horde vs alliance ratio wow
horde vs alliance ratio wow

In the world of warcraft, there are two factions the Alliance and Horde with the ratio of Horde players being more than that of Alliance players. The Alliance mainly consists of humans, dwarves, Worgen, and so on. While the Horde faction has Orcs, trolls, goblins, and other races. Some unique racial traits come by selecting a character from either faction. Here are a few differences between the Horde and Alliance ratio in WoW.

Horde vs Alliance Ratio In WoW


When it comes to the population ratio of Hordes to Alliance it is entirely dependent upon which realm you’re in. The general trend is that there are far more Horde players as compared to Alliance. The ratio on some servers can be 4:1 with the Horde being four times as much in population in the server.

So, the question arises that how does this population affect the queue times in battleground? The answer is not that much, You just need to make sure there is an adequate amount of population of your faction. It becomes easier for you to find groups that reduce the queue times drastically.

This is one of the main reasons why players prefer to join the Horde faction. As most of the servers have a high Horde population it takes them a few minutes to find suitable matches. As we all know how annoying longer queue times can be. If you’re planning on grinding out the end game content then choosing Horde might be the better option for you.

For casual players, the faction disparity is not that high, it is like 60 percent Horde players in comparison to 40 percent Alliance players. So, it should not matter to you unless you are trying to challenge the leaderboard in-game.


Alliance can be an extremely fun faction to play especially the lore side of things. Even though most players are choosing the Horde faction does not mean that you should choose Horde yourself. The queue times are not much affected by the population until you get to the end game content. You should choose the faction you like. Players have reported that the character design for the Alliance race is far better than that of the Horde faction.

You can see Alliance as the good side and Horde faction as the bad side that opposes the alliance. As far as War mode is concerned there is no issue there, as when you turn War Mode on, you’re put into a different server where a balance is maintained between Alliance and Horde players. So, you don’t have to worry about getting spawn camped by an overwhelming majority of Horde players that much.

But you should also consider the bright side that you do not have to look for too long to find fights. However, more and more players are transferring their characters to the Horde faction and the imbalance is growing larger and larger. This can be quite demotivating for an Alliance player because if you want to push high key consistently then the Alliance faction can prove to be a handicap for you.

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