Holy Shield vs Blessed Hammer WoW- Which One To Go For?

holy shield vs blessed hammer wow
holy shield vs blessed hammer wow

World of Warcraft might seem like a name with wars and battles in the game, but there is a lot more to it. The game portrays a mystical world of magic where you can feel yourself at home if you like the fiction stuff.

The magical interactions and spells make the game even more interesting to play and it is a sort of experience that would keep you playing the game for hours and hours without having a single worry on your mind.

Holy Shield and Blessed Hammers are two such spells and a few things that you need to know about them are:

Holy Shield vs Blessed Hammer WoW

Holy Shield

To start off with the Holy Shield, you must know that you need to be at level 15 to unlock the Holy Shield and to use its protection. As the name says, it is a shield from the Holy school that increases your block chance by 15% against the enemy attacks.

Not only that, but you will be able to block all sorts of spells, and the successful blocks deal with 9.28% of the attack power so you don’t have to take that damage on your health. The best thing is that it also turns some of the attack power towards your attacker and causes them to damage instead.

The holy shield can be cast instantly and you don’t need to wait for it to be activated. There are no cooldown time requirements for the Holy shield either and it can be activated outside those windows as well. There is no range for the holy shield and it protects yourself only.

There are 3 effects of the holy shield that you can have the protection for. Effect 1 is about Mod Block up to 15%, Effect 2 triggers a Proc Trigger Spell and Effect 3 absorbs all the damage for you, leaving your health intact.

Blessed Hammer

Blessed Hammer is actually a hammer, but it doesn’t only damage the opponent. The blessed hammer creates a rotating shield around you that spirals outwards and deal with the 10% of attack power.

It also damages the opponent with the power they are using to attack you while saving you from that damage and keeping your health safe. That sounds quite good, right, but there is a lot more to it. The blessed hammer generates 1 Holy power for you as it belongs to the School of Holy.

You don’t need to wait for activating the blessed hammer either as it will be activated instantly and provide you with the protection when you need it. Yet, the range is 0 yards and it will only be used to protect yourself, as in your character from all sorts of incoming attacks.

You will need to be careful about it, as the cooldown time is not required here, but it will take 6 seconds to recharge and is only activated for 5 seconds. That is why you must use the blessed hammer wisely when you are being attacked.

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