Highest Level In Overwatch: Levelling Up

Highest Level In Overwatch
Highest Level In Overwatch

Overwatch is an online multiplayer first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released in 2016. The game revolves around skill as well as the ability of a player to be able to work well with teammates, with team composition and great communication with allies playing a huge role in the game. The game makes sure that players do not always go for glory, but actually keep a sense of sportsmanship by being respectful to teammates and opponents by giving players reward systems like the endorsement system.

Highest Level In Overwatch

Much like any other multiplayer game, Overwatch also has a levelling system which grants players rewards as they make their progress. Like other games, you level up in Overwatch by earning experience points which you get by playing matches. These matches include real time matches against other players or a simple sparring game against the AI, however you obviously get more experience points for playing in real time matches because of the difficulty.

The amount of experience points you get a game is decided by multiple factors, for example you get a boost in experience points if you win the match. Following are the other major factors on which the game decides what amount of experience points you get for a match.

  • You get 4.01 experience points for each second you are active in a match.
  • You will get a small boost in experience points based on the highest medal you earned. A Gold Medal is worth 150 XP, Silver is worth 100XP, and Bronze Medals only get you 50 XP. Keep in mind that the experience points for these medals do not stack and you will only get XP for the best medal you have.
  • You get 250 experience points if you play the whole match, whether you win or lose.
  • You get a significant boost in experience points when you get your first win of the day.
  • You will gain no experience points if you leave the game early.
  • You get a boost of 400 experience points if you join the game late and act as a backfill.

Levelling up gets you loot boxes which contain cosmetics. These cosmetics include skins that you can equip to make your character appear better, voice lines and emotes to express how you feel in game and highlight intros that play whenever you get play of the game. Overwatch has more than 2000 cosmetics and continues to add more as time passes which is very impressive.

But apart from loot boxes there is no other significant effect of levelling up. The game does not pit players against each other depending on their level, instead, it uses the skill rating system. Based on how good you perform in competitive play you will gain skill rating points (SR) that the game uses to find players similar to your level. The game calculates the combined Skill Rating of a team and makes sure that you face a team with a combined SR quite similar to yours (at the most only 100 SR higher or lower).

Another minor reward that comes with levelling up is the borders. The border for your ID upgrades after a certain point. When you go past level 600 you will get a silver border and after every other 600 levels your border will upgrade. The highest level so far that anyone has reached so far is 10000 which was done by a twitch streamer quite recently, happening in October 2019. There is no limit regarding the levels and it seems as if the system is endless as the twitch streamer has already passed 10000.

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