Top 5 Games Like Town Of Salem (Alternatives To Town Of Salem)

games like town of salem
games like town of salem

Town of Salem

Town of Salem is an online social deduction strategy video game that is developed and published by some Indie Game Developers BlankMediaGames. The game was first released on Steam for Windows and macOS in 2014. The Early alpha and beta versions of this game were also accessible via browser and were free to play. It was ported to Android and iOS after 4 years, in 2018. Currently, it has more than 8 million players. It was also reported to be the largest online version of the game Werewolf.

The gameplay of Town of Salem is inspired by both Werewolf and Mafia. The player has to choose different roles that belong to a different team. The main task is to eliminate others in order to get control of the town or village.

As the name of the game suggests, it takes place in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. The main objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible, while also fulfilling the winning condition. Players are allowed to use a set of role abilities, communication, and teamwork, deception and deduction to ensure victory.

Town of Salem offers 49 different roles, seven-game modes, and one custom mode. The seven-game modes include Classic, Ranked Practice, Ranked, All Any, Rapid, Dracula’s Palace, Rainbow, and Town Traitor. The difference between these game modes and the custom game mode is that these have pre-defined roles and objectives.

On the other hand, Custom Mode allows the host of the match to be able to choose any role available. All game modes require 15 players with the exception of Custom and Rapid mode, where 7 is the minimum number of requirements. Before every match, players are given the option to name their character.

Top 5 Games Like Town of Salem:

It is always fun to play multiplayer social deduction strategy games, especially with your friends. Town of Salem was undoubtedly a great game. The game’s success can be estimated by the number of concurrent players. However, a game can only be played so much before a player burns out.

This is why in today’s article; we will be exploring some great alternatives to Town of Salem. We will be briefly describing each game which will help you learn how these games are like Town of Salem. Let’s get right into it!

  1. Deceit


Deceit is an online Co-op First Person Shooter that is developed and published by Baseline. The game can only be played on Microsoft Windows, through a platform such as Steam. It was officially released in 2014.

At the start of the game, your player wakes up after he hears the sound of the Game Master’s voice. There are five other players that are playing beside you. The main twist here is that the third of your team is infected with the Game Master’s deadly virus, and their task is to kill the remaining innocent players. Hence, innocents should keep their guard up all times while traversing through the 3 zones. The objective of the innocent players is to escape through the safety hatch.

When each zone ends, an infected will be allowed to transform into something sinister and attach the innocent players. Innocent players will have to survive, and collect useful items to defeat the infected.

  1. SpyParty


SpyParty is a multiplayer video game revolving around stealth. The game is developed by Chris Hecker. It was revealed back in 2009 at the Experimental Game Developers Workshop. The developer of the game, Hecker referred to his game as an asymmetric multiplayer game where players will have to deal with the unpredictability of human behavior, personality, character, and sociality.

The gameplay of SpyParty involves interaction between two players. One player has to play as the “Spy” whereas the other player is the “Sniper”. The spy is free to choose from one of the several characters that are at a highly populated cocktail party. His objective is to complete a number of pre-determined missions within a time limit where he will often have to blend in the crowd.

On the other hand, the sniper is viewing the party from far away using his scope. He is given no idea of who the spy is, which is why he must observe the behavior of all the characters. The sniper is tasked with eliminating the spy.

So, if the sniper manages to identify the spy and shoot him, or the spy does not complete his missions within the time frame, then he wins. Similarly, if the spy completes all of his missions, or the sniper shoots the wrong person, he wins.

  1. Throne of Lies

throne of lies

Throne of Lies is a 3D multiplayer social deduction video game that is developed and published by Imperium42. The game was mainly inspired by the likes of Werewolf and Mafia. It also follows the same formula where players will need to differentiate friends from foe using different strategies.

Throne of Lies features 8-16 players in each match where each one of them can use over 100 abilities to detect traitors and stop them from taking control of the kingdom. The game is set during the medieval times.

Every player is randomly assigned from over 40 classes, that vary from the King to a helpless fool. There is a day/night cycle in the game, and players are allowed to discuss all their findings around the table. They may accuse other players of being traitors as well.

There are three factions in total, which are the Blue Dragon faction, Wicket Cult, and Mysterious Unseen faction. The game ends when the Blue Dragon faction has eliminated all the threats, or the traitors have taken control of the kingdom.

  1. Garry’s Mod

garry's mod

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox video game that is developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. The game was officially released back in 2006. Over the years, it has been ported to Microsoft Windows, macOS X, and Linux.

Garry’s Mod simple game mode does not involve any objective at all. The player is allowed to spawn ragdoll, props, and interact with them using different means. A physics gun can be used to pick up, rotate, or freeze the ragdolls or props.

The game has been modified by the user base, and players have successfully added a variety of modes in the game. Custom game modes have been added, and players can do all kinds of stuff in this game.

  1. Among Us

among us

Among us is a multiplayer social deduction game that is developed by an American game studio known as InnerSloth and released in 2018. On release, the game did not really receive much attention. However, two years later, and the game is now being played by every major YouTuber and twitch streamer. It has gotten so popular that the developers recently canceled the game’s sequel, in order to bring in newer content.

In Among Us, each game features 4-10 players, where 1-3 of them are randomly chosen as imposters. The crewmates are tasked with completing certain objectives before the imposter kills all of them. The imposter’s abilities include killing off characters, sabotaging different areas, and traveling through vents.

Each player can call an emergency meeting once at the starting area, or they can also start a meeting as soon as a dead body is detected. In a meeting, players have to communicate with each other and vote kick the imposter. The imposter wins if all the crewmates die, or the time runs out for an objective. The crewmates win if all the objectives are completed, or all imposters get kicked out.


These were the 5 best games that play like Town of Salem. You are free to choose from any of these games, and in any order you like!

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