Top 5 Games Like Hotline Miami (Alternatives To Hotline Miami)

games like hotline miami
games like hotline miami

Hotline Miami is a shooter game developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. Originally developed for Microsoft Windows, the game can now be played across different platforms that include Android as well. The game was a major success on release, with most critics praising the game for its incredible soundtrack and narrative.

This game is split into multiple chapters with each one of the chapters having multiple stages. Most of the chapters start with Jacket waking up in his own apartment and listening to messages sent to him through an answering machine. The messages include objectives where he has to perform different tasks at different locations. The whole game is played with a top-down perspective.

In every stage, the player will have to navigate his way in a building and kill opponents. Throughout the game, he will also encounter different bosses. Defeating them will unlock the next chapter in the game.

Top 5 Games Like Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a fantastic game featuring fun gameplay elements such as stealth, violence, and incredible storytelling. Even though the game did receive a direct sequel in 2015, there has been no news of a newer entry in the series. As a result, quite a few fans of the series are left with disappointment.

If you are one of the players that absolutely loved playing Hotline Miami, then we highly suggest that you stay with us! Through this article, we will be mentioning a number of games that are like Hotline Miami.

  1. Katana Zero

katana zero

Katana Zero is a 2D platform game filled with action. Made by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital, the game can be enjoyed through Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

A unique element introduced in this game is that the player does not have any health bar. The moment the player is hit by an enemy, it will result in instant death. Throughout the game, the player will have to navigate dozens of levels by killing off all the enemies present in the level.

Apart from the player’s own weapons, he will also have access to environmental traps that can be used to kill enemies. Katana Zero features fairly fast-paced gameplay where the player is also allowed to deflect incoming projectiles like bullets through his slash. Special abilities such as slowing down time, and dodging attacks through rolling are also included in the game.

  1. My Friend Pedro

my friend pedro

My Friend Pedro is a shoot em up game made be DeadToast Entertainment. Published by Devolver Digital, the game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

It is an incredibly fun game where the player has to navigate through a variety of levels. Each level has a completely different theme, with the same objective as to kill the enemies present in the stage. Throughout the player’s journey, he will have a talking banana as his companion, named Pedro.

Apart from having access to different weapons, the player will also be given a few abilities. These abilities can be activated in order to slow down time, launch objects at enemies through kicking, and more. There is also a certain amount of parkour present in the game that helps the player increase his points.

  1. Enter the Gungeon

enter the gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike game made by Dodge Roll, whereas published by Devolver Digital. The game enjoyed a worldwide release in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, macOS X, PlayStation 4. Later, it was also made available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The game follows the journey of four characters that descend into a gungeon (basically a dungeon but with guns!). The objective of the player is to find a gun that will help him kill his past. Each level in the game is procedurally generated to ensure the game does not get repetitive.

Also, every level will have enemies, along with different environmental traps. Throughout his journey, the player will find new guns and fight different enemies. As the player progresses, the levels will get harder until he dies. However, each time the player comes back, he will be stronger than before (granted if he was able to progress in the previous run).

  1. Dead Cells

dead cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike platformer game that is heavily inspired by the likes of Metroidvania-style games. Motion Twin and Evil Empire are the gaming studios behind the game’s development. The game was initially introduced as Early Access for Microsoft Windows but was later released on all other popular platforms.

In this game, the player assumes control of a creature resembling a slime. At the very start, the said creature possesses a corpse that is laying inside the dungeon. The objective of the player is to find his way out. On his journey, the player will get access to different weapons along with other tools and treasures.

Each level will contain undead enemies that the player will have to kill. It is important to note that the game has a mechanic where the player will lose all of his currency, as well as items after dying.

  1. Spelunky


Spelunky is a 2D platform game made by Mossmouth. Released back in 2008, the game was remastered after a few years, making it available on every popular platform including consoles and PC.

In this game, the player takes control of a spelunker whose job is to explore different caves. While in these caves, he will be able to find a variety of treasures, as well as save damsels from enemies and traps.

It is a rogue-lute game featuring procedurally generated caves. As a result, each run feels fun and unique in its own way.

The Bottom Line

These are the 5 best games that are like Hotline Miami. Each one of the names mentioned in the list is great in its own way, with most of them having the same publisher as Hotline Miami. We strongly recommend picking any one of these games!

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