Feign Death Not Working In WoW: 4 Ways To Fix

feign death not working wow
feign death not working wow

It can be quite annoying for DPS players when tanks are not able to retain the aggro. If your character has way better gear than your tank, then it is likely that in some scenarios you will be able to steal the aggro from the tank.

Feign Death Not Working In WoW

Feign Death is a skill that is acquired by hunter class around level 32. This ability helps the hunter lose all aggro and all monsters switch target or flee altogether. But some players have been having issues with getting this ability to work. Here are some quick fixes you can try to sort out this problem.

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  1. Strop Moving

This hunter skill does not work instantly, you have to stop moving first and then just simply wait for the combat status to drop. Doing this work for you most of the time. Most of the players are not aware of the delay after casting this spell.

Even though you see the animation going through that does not mean the skill has activated. This is one of the most common reasons why people cannot get it to work. Just give the skill adequate time to work and you will notice aggro going away.

  1. Use Macro

As far as PvP is concerned using macros can prove to be a variable solution. Just stop moving and start spamming the macro to get it to work. What most hunters do is that they do not add /stopattack in their macro commands which is why the Feign death skill won’t work for them.

Just modify your macro a bit and add /stopattack before casting feign death. This will give your skill-appropriate time to cast and it will help you lose all aggro. All you have to do is get your timing right and the skill should not have any problem working for you.

  1. Pet Attack

One of the main reasons why you’re not getting the Feign death is your pet is engaged in combat. Due to this, you’re not able to flee properly. Even if you’ve set all your macros correctly the skill won’t work unless you set your pet status to passive.

Feign death will only work if you give it enough time to activate and your pet is set to passive. So, either click on your pet and change the status to passive or use a macro in-game. /pet passive and /petfollow will work just fine before casting the Feign death spell.

  1. Damage Over Time

Sometimes if you’re hit by a DoT attack it is highly likely that it will cause your Feign death skill to not work. As the next tick of damage comes, you’ll be forced out of the animation and the timing will be messed up. So, you need to make sure to cleanse yourself of all DoT attacks before casting this spell.

These were some fixes you can use to get your Feign Death to work. Most hunters are not aware of all these things you have to look out for. But once you have these figured out, you’ll be using Feign Death way more consistently without any issue.

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