Getting Past The Faceit Your Steam ID Is Not Allowed Error With 3 Great Solutions

faceit your steam id is not allowed
faceit your steam id is not allowed

Faceit is a great platform for all the gamers around the world that love a good completive experience. It is an esports platform of sorts. There’s a wide range of different games that you can competitively play on the platform by linking your Steam account with it. You can even play for cash prizes if your team is good enough.

How to Fix Faceit Your Steam ID is Not Allowed

You won’t be able to enjoy the great features of Faceit, nor the great competitive fun that it brings to the table unless you’ve got a Steam account linked with the platform. That’s why it can be annoying when Faceit doesn’t recognize your Steam account and says that it isn’t allowed. Here are some handy things that you can try if you’re encountering a similar problem with Faceit.

  1. Switch Accounts

The main thing that causes such an error to occur on Faceit is when players are using a different account to play rather than the one they have actually registered to the platform. A simple way to troubleshoot this is to check which Steam account that you have currently logged in to while playing whatever game it is that you want through Faceit.

If it isn’t the account that you’ve registered, then all you need to do is switch to the right one. The process for doing so is easy, as all you have to do is log out of Steam with the account you currently have logged in and sign in with the correct one. If the account you’re using is the one that’s registered to Faceit but the platform still says it isn’t allowed, here’s what you should do.

  1. Disable Conflicting Programs

There are many different types of programs that are known for causing issues with Steam, as emphasized many times by the platform itself. This includes all sorts of third party applications that you might use on your computer regularly, such as VPNs, anti-virus software, and more. These programs can also make it so that Faceit doesn’t recognize your account as one of those that are in its whitelist, which is why this issue might be occurring.

To fix the issue, what you need to do is disable any programs such as these from your computer. Deleting them entirely isn’t necessary. Faceit should be able to recognize your Steam account as one of those that are allowed if you simply disable them, which is why it is recommended that you do so.

  1. Contact Faceit Support

If there are no conflicting programs or network issues on your part and you’re even using the right account, then it is recommended you consider contacting Faceit support. They should be able to help you get to the root of this issue with your Steam account and tell you how to fix it, if it is fixable in the first place.

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  1. Had this problem and FACEIT AC just told me that I’m missing Windows Security Updates. I turned them off. I guess I need to create a new Dial boot JUST for Faceit….. jeez


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