Ender IO vs Thermal Expansion: Which One Is Better In Minecraft?

ender io vs thermal expansion minecraft
ender io vs thermal expansion minecraft

Both Ender.io and Thermal Expansion are two highly popular modifications available for Minecraft. Both of them are similar yet different simultaneously. Ender.io and Thermal Expansion have their own set of great features which make them as popular as they are today and make them worthy of being known as some of the best resource mods available for the game.

If you’ve not used either of them and wish to decide which one to start with, or if you’re just looking to find out which of the two is better in general, take a look at our comparison between them both which is given directly below.

Ender IO Vs Thermal Expansion In Minecraft

Main Purpose of Both Mods

Both of the mods act as resource management/supply management modifications of sorts for Minecraft. It is absolutely no secret that managing all of the many different items in the game can be quite difficult, and managing all kinds of different resources that you need as well as creating them is difficult as well. To help with these things, Ender.io and Thermal Expansion are both great choices.

Both of them add a set of different machines which are able to help players with resource management. They can create specific items, deal with specific resources in different ways, and do much more of the sort. They way that they do so is also quite similar, but there are a few differences in their operating which might make one more preferable than the other for some players depending on personal preference.

Ease of Use and Efficiency

For anyone new to the game and not so familiar with different types of commands, Thermal Expansion is the much better option out of the two. It is much easier to use. Although functionality can be a little limited at times, it offers much easier controls and is also the more comfortable option out of the two when it comes down to setting up the system in-game.

Ender.io has all kinds of different commands and features which are quite difficult to get used to. The mod is definitely great in terms of usage, but it isn’t the best option out there for anyone new to the game. It must also be said that Thermal Expansion is the faster option of the two, as its machines work with more efficiency.

Output and Functioning

While it may be easier to get the hang of, Thermal Expansion is also the costlier option out of the two in terms of the supplies and careful management which it needs. While this is easy enough to handle, it can be difficult to work with at times.

On the other hand, while Ender.io may certainly be the more difficult option to master, it certainly has many great benefits of its own. All of its machines provide great output and manage supplies well. It also offers a lot more options for customizing the system’s setup so it is more preferable for one’s own personal use.

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