Minecraft: Dwarves vs Zombies

dwarves vs zombies minecraft
dwarves vs zombies minecraft

Minecraft with its vast community of players is never shy of trying out new and interesting things with its gaming modes. Various mods and servers offer exciting new forms of gaming and adventure, with completely different gameplay mechanics and objectives from the base game, and offer heaps of exciting new ways to keep you entertained. Creators have created exceptional servers that host minigames that involve shooting, exploring, fighting PvP, and much more, and invite players from all over to take part in experiencing the world of Minecraft through situations and mechanics that go beyond the usual scope of the game.

Dwarves vs Zombies Minecraft

One such game mod is the Dwarves vs Zombies minigame, which pits burly Dwarves against hordes of Zombies and other undead enemies until the whole Dwarven civilization is wiped out. It’s a situation of the last stand, where the demise of the dwarven players is inevitable since the monsters always win despite the dwarves holding out as long as they can.

Dwarves vs Zombies is one big role-playing mode, where players either control the dwarves or some of the monster characters in the horde that attacks and fight over the Dwarven shrine in the last battle of endurance. The onslaught is endless and, when a dwarf is ultimately killed, they turn into a monster as well and help the siege against the dwarves in turn. The dwarven forces are comprised of powerful and strong warriors and are led by ‘heroes’ that help keep the hordes at bay. However, the hordes of monsters are endless and the game carries on unless the last dwarf is killed and the shrine is taken.

Players start off as dwarfs and have an in-game day (approximately 10 minutes) to prepare for the oncoming attack before night falls. After that, a plague is released which kills off some dwarves and signals the start of the monster rampage. If you are killed in action, you are respawned as a monster and get the option to pick one of three types (Skeletons, Zombies, Goblins) and can even have the chance to spawn as a special monster with extra abilities that help turn the tide in battle.

Players can purchase weapons, items, and even armor to help fight against the undead army using the gold they earn in-game. However, if you are hit with the plague then your priorities change instantaneously and your goal is to destroy the shrine as soon as possible. If you stay alive however, your only job is to keep fighting until the horde ultimately takes over and destroys your shrine and your civilization with it. A single match provides hours of fun, with no extremely competitive nature, and is one the best community-created games Minecraft servers has to offer.

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