4 Ways To Fix Corsair Void Low Volume Issue

corsair void low volume
corsair void low volume

If you browse the community forums for a few minutes, you will notice the overwhelmingly positive response from gamers regarding the Corsair Void headset. Unlike other brands, you won’t have to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for this high-end gaming headset. So, if you need a good gaming headset but have a limited budget then go for one of the Corsair Void variants.

Although it is a great gaming headset, a few customers did say that the volume was too low. Usually, it is just because of a software issue with the device that can easily be fixed by changing a few settings on your computer. So, let us guide you through different methods you can use to fix this error.

How to Fix Corsair Void Low Volume?

  1. Volume Configurations

A common mistake that most users do is that they have not pumped up the volume settings properly and complain when the audio output coming from the headset is low. So, you should always go through your volume settings to check if everything is in order. There are a couple of things that you need to check to get your Corsair Void working again.

Start by opening up the volume mixer settings from the taskbar. You will need to right-click on the audio icon that is located on the bottom right corner of your monitor. From the pop-up menu, open the volume mixer settings and now you will be able to control the audio output levels for different apps that are currently open on the PC. You need to ensure that the volume is pumped up on every single application and that will get your problem fixed. Also, try using the volume wheel on your headset to check if it has been turned down or not.

  1. Volume Booster

If all the settings are in order but you still believe that the audio is too low then you can download a volume booster application from the internet and then link that with your headset. After installing the application, you will be able to boost the audio output from your headset. Select the device that you want to modify and then increase the output levels and that should fix the volume settings for you.

There are different volume boosters and amplifiers available on the internet that you can you choose from. Make sure to read reviews of a particular application before downloading it on your PC. That way you will be protected and won’t accidentally download malware on the system. If the audio becomes distorted after downloading the booster, then bring down the volume a bit and that should fix the distortion issues.

  1. Check iCUE

There is always the possibility that your iCUE is causing the Corsair Void to behave like this. So, if you can’t get the volume issue fixed at this point then you should try removing the Corsair software from your PC and then install it again. Many guides available on the internet can help you remove it completely from the PC.  So, if you’re confused about any step just look up a tutorial and that should get you going again.

After installing the newest version of the Corsair program, try configuring your headset presets and test the audio output to check if reinstalling iCUE fixed your headset. You can also change up the EQ presets a bit and try out different settings from the iCUE tab to check if they can help you get better output from the headset.

  1. Corsair Support

In most cases, users were able to get the issue fixed by going through their volume settings. Because the majority of customers did not notice the volume wheel on the headset itself and were confused why the sound output was so low. So, if you have gone through all of the above-mentioned methods but you still can’t get the desired sound levels from the Corsair Void then it is time to ask for professional help.

Head over to the Corsair support channel and inform them about the issue you’re facing with your Corsair Void. As soon as you get a response from the support team, provide them with screenshots of your volume settings, and then try out the steps that they recommend.

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