Corsair SP120L vs SP120: What’s The Difference?

corsair sp120l vs sp120
corsair sp120l vs sp120

The whole computing system runs on infinite pace while doing many different things and computing all the algorithms. Computing Processing Units are integrated with a lot of components to make all the things happen and to provide us many great advantages.

Computer Processing Units are mostly stuck in a cube with a lot of component and gets heated quite regularly when it reaches its ultimate limits. Gamers are involved in high-speed games that have the best graphics and interaction.

These types of games require the most advance computing unit as the high level of graphic card is also attached with it. The intense graphics of these games make the processing unit heat up really quickly in hot climates.

This overheating can cause your CPU to not perform at its best and it can also be dangerous for your system. To tackle this problem many gamers, install computing fans in their system. The computing fans cool down the system for it to perform well. It is perfect for warmer climates where gamers use GPU’s. Corsair produces one the best liquid computing fans in the world.

Two of the best CPU cooler Corsair produce is Sp 120L and Sp 120. They are both great with many great features attach to them. It is always difficult to compare which one is better and which one can be of more use.

As they are both great in their respective ways, we will discuss the main difference both liquid computing fans have. This will help everyone in the gaming arena to identify which one to buy. Here is a detailed comparison between Corsair SP 120L vs SP 120.

Corsair Sp 120L vs Sp 120

  1. The Speed limit of each computing fan

The performance of a high performing computing system is always reflected by the speed and power computing fan that is attached to it. A computing fan should be powerful and great speed limit to cool down the processing unit quicker at any given time.

If we compare both these computing fans, we have to look at its speed limit and the range they offer to its buyers. First let’s talk about Sp 120. Sp120 perform at 12V with the RPM speed limit of 1450.

Now on the other hand, Sp 120L also performs at 12V but its RPM speed limit is much higher of its counterpart at RPM 2300. RPM speed limit of Corsair Sp 120L vs Sp 120 the battle is easily won by Air series Sp 120L.

  1. Price

One thing that most gamers look at while buying a computing fan or any gaming device is the price attached to it. If we compare both these Air series, we can find one winner easily. Corsair Sp 120L which is considered an elite fan cost a whooping $154.99. Whereas in comparison the Sp 120 is only priced at $39.99

  1. The Amount of noise a computing fan makes

Let’s now discuss the Corsair Sp 120L. As we know many gamers will want to have the advantage of having a computing fan helps to keep the processing unit cool all the time at high speed without creating any nuisance.

If you have a lot of noise while playing a game it can create a lot of mess as you will not be able to focus on the game as much as you want to. Many interactive games require most of your attention and the unwanted noise from your cooling computing fan can put you at risk.

You need to keep the noise level at the minimum and this can be a huge factor while selecting a computing cooling fan.

Even if you can get the noise down by some decimal points it matters a lot. Corsair Air Series Sp 120L recorded it noise level to 35 dB and if we look at the Air Series Sp 120 it is recorded at 23 dB.

Now like me if you love to have a silent and quiet session while playing or working on your system than you would choose Corsair 120 in the fight of Sp 120L vs Sp 120.

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